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GamingXP (Apr 20, 2009)
Ab Freitag ist das Spiel im Handel erhältlich und wird bestimmt nicht nur Retro-Fans vereinen können: Das Prinzip ist süchtigmachend und kann durch einen stetig steigenden Schwierigkeitsgrad sogar im Einzelspieler-Modus Spaß machen. Langfristig motivieren spannende Multiplayer-Schlachten - auf in den Kampf der Götter!
Worth Playing (Feb 12, 2009)
Overall, Populous DS is a fantastic game that will find a warm reception with any who remember its previous releases. It's easy to recommend the game to those who may have played it 20 years ago and would like the chance to step into godhead again. The simple but addictive style has remained relatively unchanged in that time, and with the addition of multiplayer and several new game modes, it holds up remarkably well. Unfortunately, newcomers will likely find faults with its limited graphics, its sometimes grating sound design, and its frustratingly sensitive touch-screen controls. Even so, Populous DS is a fascinating title that warrants a close look by fans and newcomers alike.
Gameplanet (Sep 08, 2009)
Gameplay is extended by well put together tutorial phases and up to four-player multiplayer. Real value has been added with the inclusion of multiplayer, finding like minded friends to reminisce with is a real joy. Not to mention cackling like a madman when the clock runs out, ‘Ode to Joy’ pipes up and the end of the world is brought upon your foes. Fans of the original looking for some nostalgia will find pleasure in this portable version of a classic, more casual gamers who missed it the first time will also get value out of the well thought out and entertaining gameplay. People looking for serious strategy fodder may do well to avoid Populous DS.
IGN (Nov 11, 2008)
Populous certainly has its place in videogame history and it's probably been a while since many of us have played it. This DS remake accurately reproduces the strategy of the original and adds a few modern graphical flourishes, but it definitely feels dated. The design is pretty simple by today's standards and we're used to games packing more, you know, gameplay. It's fun enough in short bursts, though, and will probably appeal to retro gamers who remember the original fondly.
65 (Apr 20, 2009)
Aber selbst wenn man mit dieser rosa Nostalgiebrille das DS-Spiel startet, bekommt sie heute sehr schnell Risse. Erstens ist die Präsentation viel zu spartanisch: Egal ob Animationen, Kulisse oder Soundeffekte - das ist alles Steinzeit im Vergleich zu edlen DS-Spielen wie etwa Age of Mythologies. Zweitens kann die im Ansatz immer noch interessante Spielmechnik auf lange Sicht nicht die Komplexität aufrecht erhalten, die die fünf Elemente sowie zehn Kartentypen zunächst versprechen. Was in den ersten Duellen noch Spaß macht, wiederholt sich zu schnell: Gelände ebnen, Energie sammeln, Kraft abfeuern. Vielleicht hätte man ein paar frische und neue Spielelemente einbauen sollen? Trotzdem ist Populous kein Reinfall und bietet für ein Duell zwischendurch durchaus befriedigende Unterhaltung - zumal es sich hinsichtlich der Spielmechanik eng an das Original hält und sich mit Stylus & Co präzise steuern lässt. Die Faszination alter Zeiten ist allerdings verflogen.
Meristation (Feb 25, 2009)
El gran clásico de Peter Molyneux visita el mercado español con una propuesta tan clara como concisa; convertirnos en Dios por un día para luchar contra las fuerzas del mal toda vez que nuestros fieles representan nuestra deidad en el campo de batalla. Con el paso del tiempo, Populous ha perdido la fuerza de su motor gráfico, pero sigue conservando el factor estratégico que lo caracterizó en su día.
All in all, I had trouble enduring a few levels in a row, due to how slow it was to get your worshipers to do anything. Interest is difficult to sustain as you progress, you realise the graphics and maps are very similar and there isn't much of a overarching story. Perhaps it was the original game that Populous DS was based on, but it is very difficult to recommend this when there are many more fun, innovative games on this platform to spend your valuable time and money. Populous fans may want to find another platform to relive their memories.
Vandal Online (Mar 05, 2009)
Es una auténtica lástima que no se haya aprovechado la ocasión de revivir a uno de los mitos de los clásicos del género de estrategia para PC para mejorarlo y añadirle unas cuantas opciones más de juego que lo hubieran hecho susceptible de ser jugado no sólo por los nostálgicos, sino por las generaciones actuales de jugadores. Populous DS es un juego antiguo en una plataforma moderna, con un sistema de juego repetitivo y a la larga insulso, y un apartado técnico que, lamentablemente, deja mucho que desear. Sin duda, sólo apto para nostálgicos y jugadores con mucho tiempo para perder.
1UP (Nov 11, 2008)
Populous DS floats somewhere between a time-waster and a strategy game, but it never provides the addictive "hook" of either genre. Still, if you're into flat stuff, this game and MC Hammer's haircut will complete you.
55 (Apr 02, 2009)
Il aurait peut-être mieux valu laisser Populous briller dans nos souvenirs plutôt que de nous rappeler combien ce titre majeur de l'histoire du jeu vidéo a mal vieilli en l'adaptant aujourd'hui sur DS. Malgré son interface bien pensée et son contenu généreux, cette version contemporaine se destine donc exclusivement aux nostalgiques incurables et aux fanatiques du genre.
Nintendo Life (Mar 20, 2009)
Populous DS is a disappointing remake of the classic original. The touch controls and greater detail afforded by the two screens should have created a rare handheld strategy gem, but the pieces never quite come together. If you're a DS strategy fan you could do much better with Lock's Quest, Age of Empires or of course the outstanding Advance Wars series. Even die-hard Populous players will find it hard not to lose their faith with this poor effort.
Thunderbolt Games (Jul 08, 2009)
It has been inordinately influential over the years, and should be fondly remembered as setting the standard for things to come, a peak of design ingenuity for gaming in the 1980’s. The original is a landmark in the industry’s short timeline so far, and will always be seen as such. But nostalgia alone does not make for a great gaming experience, and without significant reconstruction Populous just isn’t what most gamers want circa 2009. Although most of us could happily watch a classic twenty-year-old movie, the level of interactivity demanded from videogames means that they advance exponentially quicker than any other medium, and, as such, the intervening years make a much bigger impact on older products. So it is with a heavy heart that I say I cannot truly recommend Populous to this generation of gamers, and, diehard fans aside, the DS version just isn’t worth your time. This deserves pride of place in a gaming museum, but sadly not in your DS.
GameSpot (Nov 25, 2008)
If you're young enough to think the Commodore Amiga is some kind of hat worn in the Mexican navy, Populous for the Nintendo DS is probably not for you. All this remake shows us is that 1989 was a long time ago, and that Populous needs a proper reimagining along the lines of Sid Meier's Pirates! to be relevant to a modern world.
Cubed3 (Mar 18, 2009)
Populous should not have been re-released - remade and updated most definitely, but not merely re-released.