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Shrek SuperSlam Credits

Amaze Entertainment

Executive ProducerDaniel Elenbaas, David Mann
Executive Studio DirectorSteven Ettinger
ProducerMichael Platteter
Additional ProductionMatt Turnbull
Lead DeveloperMarc Hall
Lead ArtistJosh Riley, Kevin Chung
DevelopersEli Ford, Luke Keyes, James R. Prettyman Jr.
ArtistsTyler Finney, Scott Warren, Nelson Brown, Eli Heuer, Brandon Maggs, Lisa Liao, Becky Kosuge
Additional ArtPaul Marshall, Jerry Vorhies
Scripting & Additional ArtSketch Ditty
MusicSteven Velema, Ian Stocker
Sound DesignMatthew Piersall
Audio ProductionIan Stocker, Joseph Graves
Story and WritingMatt Turnbull
Production AssistanceSean Epperson
Test LeadKyle Lingol
Software TestersBrock Peterson, Aaron Wardell, Eric Elders, Briana Neumiller
Engine and Tools DevelopmentJason Emery, Brad Hallisey, Alex Yatskov, Dennis Kincheloe
Studio Technical DirectorDouglas A. Schilling
Studio Art DirectorRandy Briley
Creative DirectorPhillip Trumbo
Director of Development ServicesJack Brummet
Director of Operations and FinanceMichael Dean
Director of MarketingCurtis Asplund
Special Thanks, OperationsStephanie Card, Susan DeMerit, Stephanie Hjertager, Christian Kimball, Matt McIntire, Paul Stokes
Special Thanks, DreamWorks AnimationPaul Elliott, Anne Globe, Raman Hui, Amy Krider, John Moore, Meaghan Nix, Rick Rekedal, Aron Warner, Chris Miller, Denise Cascino


Production ProducerTodd Quincey Jefferson
ProducerLalie Fisher
Associate ProducersAaron Gray, Jay Gordon
Production CoordinatorsVanessa Schlais, Jeremy G. Evangelista
Localization ManagerMatt Morton
Executive ProducerChris Hewish
VP, North American StudiosLaird M. Malamed
Marketing and PR Vice President, Global Brand ManagementDavid Pokress
Director, Global Brand ManagementRachel Silverstein
Global Brand ManagerKirsten Duvall
Associate Brand ManagerDan Lazar
Manager, Corporate CommunicationsLisa Fields
Publicist, Corporate CommunicationsKate Mitchum
Junior Publicist, Corporate CommunicationsLindsay Morio
Activision UK Senior Vice PresidentTricia Bertero
VP, UK, Emerging MarketsRoger Walkden
Director of Marketing, UK/ROEScott Morrison
Head of Publishing ServicesNathalie Ranson
Creative Services ManagerJackie Sutton
Senior Localization ManagerTamsin Lucas
Localization Project ManagerCharlotte Harris O'Connor
Creative Services CoordinatorNathalie Clarke
Brand ManagerNerys Lukes
European Operations ManagerHeather Clarke
Production PlannersLynne Moss, Victoria Fisher
QA Project LeadMike Ortiz
QA Senior Project LeadJason Potter
QA Senior ManagerTim Vanlaw
QA Test TeamGabriel Galaz, James D. Rose, Pokee Chan, Nelson Monterroso, Lemuel L. Castro, Candace Dolin, Chris Pope, David Bunting
Project Lead, Technical Requirements GroupAaron Camacho
Testers, Technical Requirements GroupSasan Helmi, Robert Lara, Kyle Carey
Sound, Casting and Voice DirectionKris Zimmerman Salter
Sound, Recording/EngineeringSalami Studios LLC
Voice OversMichael Gough, Mark Moseley, AndrĂ© Sogliuzzo, James Arnold Taylor, Holly Fields, Conrad Vernon, Cody Cameron, Tara Strong, John Kassir
Special ThanksDaniel Firestone, Steve Rosenthal, Kelly Byrd, Nicole Willick, Andre Kinnebrew, Michael Fletcher, Ken Fox, Sasha Rebecca Gross, Ryan Rucinski

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Credits for this game were contributed by thalcos (1557)