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Thunderbolt Games (Apr 09, 2009)
It’s a shame that you might miss out on it. As of now, Space Invaders Extreme 2 is only available in Japan. If you don’t import, you’ll never get to experience one of the best retro shooters on the DS. You’ll never get to experience the joy of taking down the ridiculously huge bosses. Or get lost in the chaos of the streamlined mini-games. Or get the rush from successfully pulling off a Bingo Combo and unleashing your mightiest weapons. All of those new, diehard enemies and cleverly crafted fleets will never feel the wrath of your trigger finger. The improved online multiplayer won’t get any love, either. The Extreme Mode will remain unplayed, never letting you experience the bitter, controller-breaking frustration you’ll feel get after getting fried for the umpteenth time. So if you ever get the chance, get this. It’s new retro gaming at its best.
80 (UK) (Nov 18, 2009)
Space Invaders Extreme 2 is more balanced and involving than its predecessor. Its intricate combo scoring is more accessible, deeper and more addictive than the first game's, and it has plenty of longevity - there's an Extreme difficulty with all-new patterns and Invader types, unlocked by completing all branching levels on Normal - even if you don't get into the faintly unsatisfying Time Attack. But it's more of a perfected version of the first game than a true sequel, so it's mainly diehard fans and the uninitiated who should be descending on their game shop for a copy.
GameSpy (Oct 09, 2009)
If you've already worn out your copy of Space Invaders Extreme, you may find the sequel a bit redundant. The new combo system is great, and it certainly speeds up the action, but overall, the game doesn't feel much different. It's still a fantastic update to an arcade classic, and it's hard to argue with its low $20 price tag -- if you happened to miss the first installment, don't make the same mistake twice.
The Video Game Critic (Jul 04, 2011)
Space Invaders Extreme 2 will seem very familiar to owners of the original, but newcomers should enjoy the sensory overload.
75 (Oct 07, 2009)
Si vous n'avez pas Space Invaders Extreme premier du nom, vous pouvez foncer sur cette suite. Le jeu est un concentré d'action débridée qui cache une dimension stratégique insoupçonnée. Pour les connaisseurs en revanche, il n'y a pas suffisamment de nouveautés pour justifier un nouvel achat. Mais qu'importe, le principal est qu'avec ce titre Taito redore le blason de la licence.
GameSpot (Nov 06, 2009)
Sure, it's a bit of a letdown that Space Invaders Extreme 2 doesn't do much that's different from the first game in the series. Those who have had their fill of the original probably won't get much out of the tweaks and bingo system. However, if you've never had the opportunity to experience the first Space Invaders Extreme, or if you've turned it inside out and are dying for new enemy waves and another reason to shoot the snot out of pixelated aliens, Taito's second offering is a good way to kill time.
70 (2009)
Bien qu'il ne présente aucune véritable nouveauté depuis son prédécesseur, Space Invaders Extreme 2 est un jeu efficace dans son genre et qui plaira aux amateurs de shoot'em up.