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Nintendojo (2008)
All in all, the DS version of Speed Racer is a winner. The high-speed racing, combined with a dedicated combat interface, makes for a exciting mix without placing too much emphasis on the vehicle-versus-vehicle matches. While the menus and between-race graphics could be more interesting, there's nothing bad to be said about the racing itself, which matches the blistering action of the movie (and, vicariously, the original 60's TV series). Even people who don't much care for Speed Racer or haven't heard of him will want to think about picking this one up for a great time on the go.
These racers are the perfect accompaniment to the blockbuster movie of the summer. Both the Wii and DS versions have captured the high-speed environments created for the movie perfectly. We highly recommend these games!
NintendoWorldReport (May 06, 2008)
Speed Racer The Videogame is surprisingly good. Very good. It blends fun gameplay with superb graphics. Its biggest problem is that there isn't more to play; the single player can be conquered in a fairly short period of time, and the lack of a story means there isn't a whole lot of pay-off for doing so. If it had Wi-Fi or single-card multiplayer (which might be beyond the DS’ capacity in this case), it would be a recommended buy. Kart-racing fans will certainly appreciate Speed Racer, while the rest of you would be wise to at least give it a rental – you won’t regret it.
NZGamer (Jun 04, 2008)
Speed Racer is a game that gets a lot of things right but it never goes that extra mile. The license probably does make the game better than it should be but that doesn't mean you should give it a miss.
IGN (Dec 12, 2008)
You can buy Speed Racer for DS on Amazon right now for $19.99. That's a fantastic price for what is frankly one of the best arcade racers available on the handheld. If you loved the movie and are hoping to continue the experience on the go, I have no doubt you'll be disappointed by the title's thin selection of cinematics and missing storyline. But if you just want a frantic racer, I think you'll be really pleased with the lightning pace and unpredictable tracks the game throws at you. With a slick 3D engine and a fluidity that stays locked to 60 frames per second, Speed proves an excellent substitute for F-Zero -- at least, that is, until Nintendo finally gets around to releasing the real thing.
Worth Playing (Jun 06, 2008)
Speed Racer's entertainingly off-the-wall fun already puts it ahead of other titles that bank on a movie license to draw in fans. Even though the DS version of Speed Racer's exploits has little in common with its silver screen namesake, that's not so much of a bad thing, thanks to the fast arcade action. Players who are itching for a less-than-serious racing sim might enjoy this title in small chunks, as long as they ignore the grind. It's not a bad way to spend a few minutes while waiting on an oil change, or for when DS owners feel the need for speed away from a console.
GamesRadar (May 13, 2008)
While those negatives seem significant on paper, the reality is that when you're actually playing, you'll find that the game's intensity has a way of luring you back for more. After all, making your car do a sideways flip off of a course boundary and land on another car while rocketing along at 350mph is awesome whether it's the first or the 101st time you've done it.
GamePro (US) (May 06, 2008)
All told, Speed Racer: The Videogame is a forgiving, kid-friendly experience. Any times I somehow fell off the course were balanced by the times I probably should have, but didn't. Since you never actually explode, it's pretty much mindless fun, even when dealing with AI that always seems to manage to catch up. It's too bad there's no downloadable multiplayer option, but up to five can join in with their own cards. For those not quite willing to pop for the Wii Wheelin' version or who need their Speed on the road, the DS game holds its own.
Pocket Gamer UK (Jun 02, 2008)
A genuine surprise. The intoxicating mixture of exhilarating stunt work and impressive pace help to make this a top-notch racing title, albeit one with a few disappointing issues.
N-Europe (May 20, 2008)
Not quite hitting pole position, Speed Racer is more like a bronze medalist that you secretly want to support.Turn to Speed Racer if you’ve a deep love for the movie or "lite" futuristic racers.
Unfortunately, while Speed Racer had quite a bit of potential, it fell just a bit short. The Jump Attack mini-game feels gimmicky, the AI is unbalanced, and when you or an opponent misses a jump you are advanced a considerable distance ahead of other racers. On the plus side the gameplay is far from broken, there’s a great sensation of speed, and combining boosts and attacks to claim victory is both fun and challenging. If you enjoyed the film or just love speedy games, then Speed Racer: The Videogame will certainly appeal to you.