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Spider-Man: Battle for New York Credits

142 people (92 developers, 50 thanks)

Developed by Torus Games Pty.

Managing DirectorBill McIntosh
ProducerKevin McIntosh
Game DesignerVaughan Marshall
Level DesignerVaughan Marshall
Lead ArtistAndrew McIntosh
Technical ArtistMark Day
ArtistsTyshan Carey, Ross Williams
Lead ProgrammerRichard Au
ProgrammersZon Chen, Grant Davies, Chris Hancock, Nick Kovac, Kieran Love, Eugene Peresada
In Game MusicJames Langford, Finn Robertson
Cut-scene AudioFinn Robertson
Lead TesterDavid L. McIntosh
TestersJonathon Bink, Alistair Goulding, Ben Nicol
AdministrationAggie Fabrik
I.T. SupportYujie Lang
Tech Support Torus / Systems EngineeringStuart Cameron, David Gaunt, Mark Wayland, Steve White
Special ThanksTanya Blanch, Katrina Brigham, Daniel Collins, Ben Evans, Amy Finlay, Melanie Fullarton, Conner Hancock, Jade Hancock, Katerina Peresada, Sasha Peresada, Ben Trotter

Published by Activision Publishing, Inc.: Production

ProducerBrian Pass
Production TesterJames Clifford Norris
Executive ProducerScott Walker
VP, North America StudiosLaird M. Malamed

Activision Publishing, Inc.: Brand Management

Sr. Manager, Global Brand ManagementLisa Perry
Sr. Director, Global Brand ManagementRobert Kostich
Associate Brand ManagerMichael Steiner

Activision Publishing, Inc.: PR

Director, Corporate CommunciationsMichelle Schroder
Sr. Manager, Corporate CommunicationsLisa Fields
Publicist, Corporate CommunicationsAaron Grant
Junior Publicist, Corporate CommunicationsLindsay Morio

Activision Publishing, Inc.: Quality Assurance

Lead, QA FunctionalityMike Ortiz
Sr. Lead, QA FunctionalityBrad Saavedra
Manager, QA FunctionalityMatthew McClure
Sr. Manager, QA Functionality & Code Release GroupMarilena Morini
Sr. Manager, Technical Requirements GroupChristopher D. Wilson
Sr. Lead, Technical Requirements GroupAaron Camacho
Lead, Technical Requirements GroupSasan Helmi
QA Test TeamZac Blitz, Robert Heck, Bryant Hunter, Menas Kapitsas, Eric Stanzione, Todd Sutton
Customer Support Manager, Phone SupportGary Bolduc
Customer Support Manager, E-Mail SupportMichael Hill
Manager, Resource AdministrationNadine Theuzillot
CS/QA Special ThanksSam Akiki, Neil Barizo, Willie Bolton, Evan Button, Sara Button, Chanel Campbell, Chanel Campbell, Paul Colbert, Thom Denick, James Galloway, David Garcia-Gomez, Adam Hartsfield, Francis James Jimenez, Russell Johnson, Chris Keim Sr., Todd Komesu, Anthony Hatch Korotko, Jason Levine, Jeffry Moxley, Christopher Neal, Jason Potter, Tyler Rivers, Dylan Rixford, John Rosser, Vyente Ruffin, Jeremy Shortell, Frank So, Henry Peter Villanueva, Glenn Vistante, Jennifer Vitiello, Jason Wong, Indra Yee

Marvel Entertainment

Vice President & Executive Producer, InteractiveAmes Kirshen
President of Production, Marvel StudiosKevin Feige
Business and Legal AffairsSeth Michael Lehman, Ryan Potter, Joshua M. Silverman, Carl Suecoff

Additional Artwork: Act 3

ProducerThomas Schober
Production ManagerJim Kalogiratos
Lead AnimatorCameron Crichton
AnimatorsDean Elliot, Shane Hall, Thomas Marley, Shawn Miller, Jordan Walsh

Wayforward Technologies

Art LeadJason Hitchens
Models and AnimationsBenjamin Badgett
LightingJason Gee, Cole Phillips

VO Talent

Spider-ManJames Arnold Taylor
Green GoblinNeil Kaplan
Norman OsbornNeil Kaplan
KingpinStephen Stanton
Silver SableJennifer Hale
Nick FuryDavid Fennoy
Ben UrichGregg A. Berger
Captain AmericaGregg A. Berger

Womb Music

Casting and VO ProductionMargaret Tang
VO Recording / Engineering / EditingRik Schaffer


WriterC. B. Cebulski
Cut-scene ArtistRon Lim
Packaging and Manual DesignIgnited Minds LLC
Special ThanksMichael J. Griffith, Robin Kaminsky, Brian Ward, Steve Pearce, Will Kassoy, Ryan Pass, Taylor Pass, Vicarious Visions
Spider-ManSpider-Man and all related characters thereof are trademarks of Marvel Characters Inc. and are used with permission, Copyright © 2006 Marvel Characters Inc., All rights reserved
ActivisionGame © 2006 Activision Publishing Inc., Activision is a registered trademark of Activision Publishing Inc., All rights reserved
ESAThe ratings icon is a registered trademark of the Entertainment Software Association
TrademarksAll other trademarks and trade names are the properties of their respective owners
Developed byTorus Games
Licensed byNintendo
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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (738480)