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Worth Playing (Oct 13, 2008)
I'm still not entirely sold on the story in Spiderwick Chronicles for the NDS, but I can't knock the game for staying true to the film. It'll definitely appeal to fans of the movie, but the gameplay can appeal to a much wider audience. It's definitely above average among the licensed movie games we get nowadays, and it's well worth checking out at its current reduced price.
IGN (Feb 08, 2008)
Playing The Spiderwick Chronicles took me back to old-school adventure games like Alice in Wonderland on the Apple II. It recreates that feeling of being a kid and suspending your disbelief in fantasy. Much of this success in setting a mood and creating an intriguing world to explore is attributable to Holly Black's original books. But I have to give credit to developer Stormfront for creating a fun game to go inside the Spiderwick license. The graphics aren't much to look at, the environments need more variety, and checkpoints don't come along often enough. But there is a big area to delve into, the music is great, and there are lots of options in combat. There's something new to find around every corner, and that's something I can't say about enough games.
Aside from some tough combat situations and a propensity for sending players around in circles a little too often, The Spiderwick Chronicles actually offers a reasonable level of fun for your troubles. It's certainly put together a little better than some of its brethren. Younger players will probably nab this one up as a direct result of having seen the movie or read the books, but they may find the aforementioned issues tough to swallow.
Game Captain (Mar 13, 2008)
Die Geheimnisse der Spiderwicks ist auf dem DS ein eigentlich interessanter Rollenspiel-Ausflug für Fans der Vorlage, der allerdings trotz einiger überzeugender Elemente nicht mit dem offensichtlichen Vorbild Mario RPG (beziehungsweise Mario & Lugi) mithalten kann. Für Genreverhältnisse ist die Story eher kurz, besitzt kaum Wiederspielwert und der Schwierigkeitsgrad wirkt stellenweise arg unausgewogen, um nicht zu sagen unfair. Davon abgesehen mangelt es im Vergleich zur Nintendo-Konkurrenz unter anderem an Monstervielfalt und Humor.
GameZone (Feb 18, 2008)
The game will lose a lot of younger gamers mostly because of frustrating game design, like the checkpoint system or the lack of any sort of map. The upgrade and combat system is well implemented surprisingly fun to play.
70 (Apr 09, 2008)
L'arrivée de ces Chroniques De Spiderwick sur DS est une bonne surprise. Original, addictif, quoique parfois trop exigeant pour les jeunes joueurs, cet audacieux mélange d'aventure, d'action et de jeu de rôle s'élève nettement au-dessus de la médiocrité habituelle des jeux à licence.
Gameswelt (Mar 19, 2008)
'Die Geheimnisse der Spiderwicks' bzw. ’The Spiderwick Chronicles’ bietet eine gelungene Atmosphäre und eignet sich zumindest auf den Heimplattformen gut für Kinder und unerfahrene Abenteurer. Das Spielgeschehen erinnert stark an die ’Harry Potter’-Spiele und ist nicht gerade originell, funktioniert aber durchaus ordentlich. Die Ausrichtung auf junge Spieler und der je nach Plattform günstige Preis lassen über einige, aber längst nicht alle Mängel hinwegsehen. Erwachsene und erfahrene Spieler sollten allerdings dennoch mit der Konkurrenz vorlieb nehmen. Unverständlich ist, dass die ambitionierte DS-Fassung viel zu früh die Schraube in puncto Schwierigkeitsgrad anzieht. Schade, denn der unterhaltsame Mix aus Adventure und Rollenspiel à la ’Super Mario RPG’ hätte Potenzial für eine deutlich höhere Wertung gehabt.
Pocket Gamer UK (Feb 29, 2008)
As an RPG-lite for the young, then, The Spiderwick Chronicles is one to be recommended – and there aren't that many games based on children's films that we can say that for. This is one of the few because, despite a lack of complexity and a few cut corners, it creates a magical world that's genuinely a pleasure to explore. And what child wouldn't want to spend a few hours duffing up warty trolls and wrestling underground moles?
NintendoWorldReport (Jul 12, 2008)
The Spiderwick Chronicles is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. While its children’s book license and wealth of tutorials clearly mark it as a game intended for younger players, its frustratingly difficult battles, annoying checkpoint system, and lack of level mapping make it a tough nut for even experienced gamers to crack. Ultimately, it cannot be recommended, unless you’re a fan of the series looking for a challenge often bordering on maddening.
GamesRadar (Feb 21, 2008)
Still, it's tough to enjoy any of that good stuff when you're constantly seeing the "game over" screen. Some people may find that kind of oppressive difficulty refreshing, but most folks, including the game's intended audience, are apt to find it frustrating.
1UP (Feb 12, 2008)
The Spiderwick Chronicles for the DS is a game without an audience. The combat is too difficult for young fans of the books to enjoy, but the adventure lacks the depth that experienced gamers crave. Because of that, it's impossible to recommend this game to anyone. If you really want a virtual version of the Spiderwick adventure, you're much better off with any of its console brothers.