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IGN (Dec 10, 2008)
The first game from new development subsidiary LucasArts Singapore (housed within Lucasfilm Animation Singapore) is one of the most ambitious and impressive action titles to hit Nintendo's portable all year. With simple, but fun stylus-based controls and amazing production values by DS standards, Jedi Alliance is an entertaining experience through and through and comes highly recommended to fans of the Clone Wars license. That said, any handheld owner looking for a well-made diversion will find a quality selection waiting with this stand-out effort.
Cheat Code Central (Nov, 2008)
The Clone Wars: Jedi Alliance is an impressive feat on DS, and it’s also an entertaining, often thrilling adventure. Though the gameplay has a few minor issues and it doesn’t tread any new ground, the presentation ties everything together to make for an experience that shouldn’t be missed by fans of this seminal, science-fiction franchise. There’s no denying it’s an incredibly short adventure, but the ability to mix and match Jedi, as well as the myriad challenges contained within each mission, offer real replay value. Additionally, there are a ton of unlockables, including cheats, costumes, pictures, and 3D character models.
GameSpy (Nov 12, 2008)
Despite the somewhat bland fighting, Jedi Alliance will still satisfy fans looking for another "Clone Wars" fix. The 3D graphics may be blocky, but the clean design ensures that you'll always know what's going on. There are also plenty of bonuses to unlock ranging from concept art to character models to cheats. Maybe now LucasArts will get around to making that "Ewoks" game.
Pocket Gamer UK (Nov 24, 2008)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Jedi Alliance provides everything required for highly polished Star Wars experience, but there's not quite enough depth for a real Jedi adventure.
Jolt (UK) (Nov 25, 2008)
For atmosphere and an authentic Star Wars feel (Clone Wars or otherwise), Jedi Alliance does a good fan service. The gameplay elements aren’t very imaginative or even especially enjoyable when taken in isolation, but overall there are enough different challenges spread out across each level that it’s much less of an issue than in might have been. Overall a decent diversion, but not a reason to restore faith in the franchise.
This nearly broken gameplay made me kick and scream with annoying fury of a teenage Anakin, but at the same time, this game’s experience tickled the fancy of my inner Star Wars fan boy. I got a big kick out of playing as C-3PO, and LucasArts depicted the Nightsisters in an interesting way. If you sleep on Star Wars sheets, give it a try. If not, pretend it doesn’t exist – just like the animated movie.
66 (Nov 18, 2008)
Armer Touchscreen! Kaum hat Nintendo meinen geliebten DS repariert, muss ich ihn schon wieder auf's Übelste quälen. Auch ihr solltet Nehmerqualitäten besitzen. Es gibt bestimmt elegantere Dinge, als seinen DS in gekrümmter Körperhaltung mit Presslufthammerschlägen zu bearbeiten. Egal, in welcher Phase des Lichtschwertkampfes ihr euch befindet, es läuft im Endeffekt darauf hinaus, eure viel zu schwachen Gegner mit schnellen Stylus-Stichen zu bearbeiten. Mal tippt ihr einen Deut weiter nach oben oder unten, aber insgesamt mangelt es an Variationen. Immerhin bringen die etwas anspruchsvolleren Bosskämpfe eine angenehme Abwechslung in das Dauer-Stakkato. Auch der packende Soundtrack und die tolle Kameraführung haben eine Menge dazu beigetragen, dass ich trotz der eintönigen Kampfsequenzen regelrecht in das Spiel hineingezogen wurde. Für ein paar unterhaltsame Stunden in stimmungsvoller Kulisse ist das Spiel allemal gut - ausgereifte Kampf-Action solltet ihr aber nicht erwarten.
60 (Nov 14, 2008)
Un petit jeu d'action sympathique qui se destine avant tout aux jeunes fans de la série. Profitant d'une réalisation soignée, The Clone Wars : l'Alliance Jedi se montre clairement plus réussi que Le Pouvoir de la Force sur le même support.
GamesRadar (Nov 24, 2008)
This definitely won’t make you forget about the climactic moments of the original Clone Wars animated series, but it could help ease the sting of realizing most feared gangsters in the galaxy have be redesigned as offensively “comical” giant slugs.
Imagine you’re trying to Force choke an insubordinate officer, but instead of his windpipe, you crush the shoulder of the peon next to him. Whoops! The Force should never be that erratic and unpredictable, but it is in Jedi Alliance. Whether you’re fighting battle droids or solving weak press-the-button “puzzles,” the controls just involve tapping the screen, and the game doesn’t even do that right. The detection is way off, making each encounter and minigame an exercise in futility. Even if you get through a level, the next one just promises more of the same with a different cast. Some of the dialogue between characters is entertaining, but not enough to justify spending any time with this scrap pile.