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GameCell UK (Apr, 2008)
Teenage Zombies plays well and the levels have some clever twists and turns – you’ll constantly have to use all three Zombies’ abilities to get to the end. The only gripe we’d have is that sometimes Lefty has to be fiddled into just the right position in order to grab a ledge, or made to run and grab it - a bit more leeway than ‘pixel perfect’ would have been appreciated in this area. Unlike some DS platformers you can also move the camera up and down a little to see what’s just off screen – a very neat idea. Some fun minigames break up the main platform action well, and the separate Big Brain Challenge is like an increasingly difficult, zombiefied version of Dr. Kawashima’s brain training. There’s a lot of speech in the game and the zombie background music suits the game well. If there isn’t a cartoon series in the making then there should be, the quality of this game justifies it.
Game Chronicles (Jul 02, 2008)
I have to admit I was pretty surprised at just how much I enjoyed Teenage Zombies: Invasion of the Alien Brain Thingys. The combination of zombies and alien brains is unbeatable, in theory and in execution in this fun and charming DS puzzle title. The cheeky comic book style presentation and hilarious character design really helps to bridge the gap between b-movie classic and irreverent gameplay. If you love environmental puzzles and twisted game design then check this out.
I got a lot of enjoyment out of this game. It isn't the prettiest, longest or most challenging game out there, but if you thirst for an era of puzzles, slower pacing and an almost tangible sense of style, you'll probably like these zombies as much as I did. I'm hoping that people give the game a chance; if it sells well enough, maybe we'll get a Lost Vikings DS sequel or, I hate to jinx it but, the long-promised remake of A Boy and his Blob. There is an audience for this type of game, and if you aren't busy tossing hookers off rooftops, I'm guessing that you are a part of that audience. Good for you.
games xtreme (Apr 18, 2008)
It's a game that you can play in short doses since the whole thing feels like a chore if you play it for too long. It has a neat story, good comic cut scenes and a dark sense of humour. The game itself though, is fairly simple and that's about it.
Game Vortex (Apr, 2008)
Teenage Zombies: Invasion of the Alien Brain Thingys is a really good concept. The comic book style cut scenes are very well done. Unfortunately, the game itself just isn't very much fun to play. I would recommend renting it before buying to see if it entertains you more than it did me.
Nintendo Life (Apr 08, 2008)
Even with these meddlesome issues taken into account Teenage Zombies remains a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Navigating the levels is a joy and the satisfaction of successfully completing a particularly taxing section (which calls upon you to utilise all the talents of your zombie team) is considerable. It’s a shame that it couldn’t have been longer and showcased more variety but it nevertheless contains more wit and charm than the vast majority of games can muster; if you’re a fan of games with a twisted sense of humour (like Lucasarts’ Monkey Island titles, for example) then this is virtually guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.
Pocket Gamer UK (Apr 08, 2008)
In spite of these quibbles it's very hard to severely fault Teenage Zombies – the inventive humour coupled with some excellent mini-games and pleasingly tight gameplay helps to create a thoroughly positive experience. If you're a fan of fun platform titles then this really does come highly recommended.
AceGamez (Apr, 2008)
Teenage Zombies: Invasion of the Alien Brain Thingys isn't perfect, but it is very good. Next time around I'd like to see a smidge more variety in the puzzles, perhaps a few more mini-games and maybe a multiplayer mode for some of those mini-games would be good - oh, and checkpoints in the longer levels! But you don't need to wait until next time to get a good game - if you can swallow the short playing time (I reckon you'll get a weekend out of it, if you're persistent), it's definitely worth picking up - it doesn't take a lot of brains to work that out. Mmmm, did somebody say brains?
70 (Apr 11, 2008)
As I've just mentioned, the gameplay in this isn't going to tax the fanbase of hardcore gamers out there, of which I consider myself a part, however I did find myself drawn back to playing it on several occasions, mainly due to the relaxed pace of the whole thing, and the nice touches of humour throughout - I particularly liked the mini-game that sees you trying to piece together zombie bodyparts with the stylus to earn a full energy top-up while the dismembered zombie shouts insults at you. For younger/less obsessive gamers, this is yet another handheld title that is great fun, and should keep you amused on those long train or bus journeys for many happy hours. It's certainly worth playing it through to the end, if only for the excellent tongue-in-cheek story. In summary: good, harmless, undead brain-eating fun!
Cheat Code Central (Apr, 2008)
Overall, I think Teenage Zombies: Invasion of the Alien Brain Thingys has a great concept but suffers from being too simplistic overall. If there was a little more attention given to making the game longer, and perhaps a little more challenging, this would have been a worthwhile title. But as it stands, this title just ranks about average.
In a battle of the two archetypal horror genres, Zombies and giant Alien Brains, Teenage Zombies: Invasion of the Alien Brain Thingys takes two known and loved genres and tries to create a platformer out of them. The title feels like a throwback to some of the older platforming games from the SNES era; however, the length of the title it’s biggest flaw.
Thunderbolt Games (Apr 22, 2008)
It’s to the game’s credit that, even after minor annoyances, the light-hearted humour and occasionally thrilling gameplay pulled me back in for another try. If you are a fan of all the aforementioned themes and are looking for a well-produced platform game to take with you on the go, this is well worth a bash. For everyone else, this title may have undeniable charm, but certainly suffers from a lack of bite in the long run.
Destructoid (May 07, 2008)
Good. Replayable, fun, but nothing innovative or amazing. The game potentially has large flaws that, while they don't make the game bad, prevent it from being as good as it could be.
GameZone (Apr 21, 2008)
While it is an engaging and often funny Nintendo DS platform game, Teenage Zombies rarely shuffles its way to new and clever heights. It’s a virtual comic book with plenty of brain-devouring action that could have been a lot better. Still, it’s a fun game for those that like their platform games with an interesting and comical twist.
IGN (Apr 16, 2008)
I want to like Teenage Zombies: Invasion of the Alien Brain Thingys more. Don't get me wrong, it's a decent game as it is, but it just seems like it should have been so much more. After the voice-acted story at the beginning and a fun and interesting premise, we wanted the game to be equally funny and engaging. The gameplay is fun enough, but it contrasts with what the game presents itself to be. It offers some decent puzzle platforming, though the game never becomes very challenging. The touch screen minigames are hit or miss and the game actually isn't very long. Teenage Zombies is not a bad game at all, it's just hard to recommend it.
Using the different character's skills in concert leads to some decent puzzle-like situations. But the slow pacing and bad combat tarnish what otherwise might have been a portable gem.
Lawrence (May 05, 2008)
I've always appreciated games that possess a unique personality and sense of humor, and Teenage Zombies certainly fits into that mold. It has some great comic book-style presentation elements, and there's plenty of goofy humor and zombie references as you progress through the game. You switch between your three protagonists whenever you'd like, and they each have their own specific abilities. Outside of the standard platforming/puzzle sections is a selection of fairly basic minigames. I still don't understand the obsession with minigames on the DS and Wii, but the ones put forward by Teenage Zombies certainly aren't anything special. There are certainly funny moments in Teenage Zombies, but the game can be beaten in a fairly short amount of time, but the gameplay sometimes doesn't quite live up to the presentation.
1UP (Apr 22, 2008)
The odd bit of slowdown and mostly forgettable minigames (aside from the amusing Big Brain Challenge) further detract from the experience, but with great presentation and a genuinely funny narrative that recalls the zaniness of Earthworm Jim and Dead Head Fred, I cannot help but be charmed by Teenage Zombies. Hopefully, the promising premise will appeal to enough DS owners, allowing developer InLight to turn the wide-open ending into a sequel that truly takes advantage of this game's solid framework.
Gaming Age (May 20, 2008)
However, despite it's ease, there's a lot to like in Teenage Zombies. The cutscenes are handled in a comic book approach, and the tongue in cheek humor involved works really well. It would have been nice to see that humor handed down to the actual gameplay, but that's something that could easily be fixed if they choose to do another installment (which I hope they do). The puzzles are definitely geared to the younger crowd (evidenced by the E10+ rating), so us older gamers out there won't have much of a challenge. However, the 2D work is pretty nice, and while it lasts the game ends up being an enjoyable ride. Pick it up if you're looking for a short time waster, just don't expect too much out of it.
GameSpot (Apr 26, 2008)
All told, Teenage Zombies: Invasion of the Alien Brain Thingys is a reasonably fun game while it lasts. The cartoon-style visuals are appealing, and the platforming action is serviceable. The pervasive humor is its strongest point, but none of the same cleverness is to be found in the level designs. The price tag seems a bit steep for this lobotomized action game, but if you hunger for pulp zombie humor, it's a good snack.
Jolt (UK) (Apr 23, 2008)
Call us conspiracy theorists, but Teenage Zombies feels a bit like a normal platformer made in a haphazard fashion with slightly dodgy, sluggish gameplay, that has had the whole zombie thing tacked on afterwards in an effort to pretend it was meant to be dodgy, haphazard and sluggish in the first place. Kind of like angrily bursting into Nat West to ask for a rebate on your direct debit charges and accidentally knocking a bank robber to the ground before proclaiming it as an act of heroism, except the only mention this is likely to get in the paper is in a 3-star review.
Worth Playing (May 05, 2008)
Teenage Zombies: Invasion of the Alien Brain Thingys is the kind of game that you can take with you on a trip and play in bite-sized chunks, but the forgettable puzzles and overabundance of dull stages do nothing to help the feeling that it's trying to drag out the dead for as long as it can. The gameplay has its macabre moments of undead fun, and there was always something to eat, but with so many other titles on the DS that provide the same challenges and so much more, this dance with the dead might only appeal to fans with a taste for '50- styled sci-fi and juicy, delicious, alien brains.
60 (Apr 24, 2008)
Ich schloss den parodierten 50s Horror-Charme sofort ins Herz und spielen lässt sich Teenage Zombies ja auch nicht mal schlecht. Außerdem könnt Ihr die fliegenden Hirne auffressen, um Lebensenergie zu gewinnen und das ist schon ziemlich cool. Leider werden weder die Möglichkeiten der Rätsel ausgeschöpft noch bietet es nach dem anfänglichen Vorstellen der Möglichkeiten viel Abwechslung. Der Horror-Spaß reicht für eine lange und launige Bahnfahrt, danach werdet Ihr wohl die Erde vor den Hirnen gerettet haben und nicht wieder in diese schräge Phantasie zurückkehren.
gameZine (UK) (May 13, 2008)
Teenage Zombies ends up being a mildly diverting affair. It can offer fun in places, but after a while you get the feeling that there is something missing. Although there are some nice touches (particularly the comic book style cut scenes), with platform game veterans such as Sonic, Spyro and Mario already showing their mettle on the DS across, Teenage Zombies doesn't really justify splashing out the readies.
DarkZero (Apr 11, 2008)
All in all this is quite a fun little platformer: It’s not doing anything new or ground breaking, but what it does do it does competently. The puzzles are well designed, the team mechanic works well, and the mini games add a little variety. It’s not the toughest game in the world, which makes its length all that more disappointing, but it’s fun while it lasts and the style of the presentation really adds to this. It’s obviously aimed at a younger audience, but it’ll still provide some entertainment for the more mature gamer. Definitely worth a look if you like your 2D platformers.
Nintendo Spin (Apr 24, 2008)
The phrase "teenage zombies" just begs to be irreverent and silly, and Teenage Zombies: Invasion of the Alien Brain Thingys nails that. Nothing about the game is laugh-out-loud funny, unfortunately, but the comic book style is certainly clever, and the characters--both heroes and antagonists--are likeable. When it comes to video games, though, it's a little harder to back the idea of having zombies at the forefront, as the playable characters. No deadbeat, falling apart zombie will ever come close to the platforming finesse of Mario or Klonoa. Maybe if the zombies were in a different genre (RPG) or were given just a little bit more livelihood. As is, Teenage Zombies is interesting but far too mellow.
GamingExcellence (Jun 16, 2008)
Teenage Zombies is full of great ideas and concepts, all wrapped together in a charming and funny package. Unfortunately, the slow-paced gameplay, short length, and terribly linear design conspire to undermine the positive elements. It’s a fun game for the pre-teen crowd, but a game destined to please no one else.
55 (Jun 05, 2008)
Teenage Zombies n'est ni un bon jeu de plates-formes ni une parodie vraiment convaincante des films d'horreur et de SF des années 50. Mou et imprécis, son gameplay décevant nous fait vite oublier l'originalité de son contexte qui nous demande d'incarner trois zombies dans une guerre contre des cerveaux aliens. Ni les énigmes, qui reposent sur la complémentarité entre les trois personnages jouables, ni les mini-jeux tactiles ne suffisent à rendre le tout satisfaisant.
Realm of Gaming (Nov 29, 2008)
With the art style reminding me of Invader Zim, I was really excited to play this game. The comedic moments and voice acting in the opening sequence got me even more excited, but once the actual game started, it all bled together into a bland grey blur of weak sound, weak 2D graphical presentation, and weak gameplay. Overall, this game is a game, and does function, but it feels like a title somebody squeezed it out in a week while they were trying to figure out how to make games for the DS.
If these puzzles had been more thought-provoking than head-scratching or mind-numbing, Teenage Zombies could have pulled off its brawler/puzzler concept.
Game Revolution (May 21, 2008)
A little more time in level and enemy design would have done wonders. As it stands, though, Teenage Zombies is a mediocre game at best, offering less and less incentive and getting increasingly repetitive the more you play. While the game is funny, I think at one point, the monotony might have actually turned me into a brain-dead zombie. Which would explain why Duke had teeth marks on his head and was screaming at me when I woke up from my post-lunch nap …whatever, his brains were tasty…
Gamestyle (Apr, 2008)
Teenage zombies isn’t a terrible game, it’s just lazy. There’s barely anything to it, and what does exist on the DS cart isn’t spectacular. It’s almost as if the developers phoned in most of the team whilst working on something more important, in the full knowledge that this game wasn’t going to set the world alight. A gaming non-event if there ever was one.
40 (UK) (May 15, 2008)
On the plus side, Teenage Zombies' presentation really isn't that bad. The whole thing is styled like a retro comic book, and there are some nice little flourishes like the appearance of tutorial text boxes that you can actually clamber over and interact with as though they were part of the environment. The cartoon artwork also includes enough squishy zombie gross-out moments to entertain younger players - but not for long, since even pre-teens are likely to have finished the game within a few short hours.