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Teenage Zombies: "Invasion of the Alien Brain Thingys" Screenshots (Nintendo DS)

User Screenshots

Nintendo DS version

The animated comic book intro sequence is presented in DS' "book" format.
Humorous and well voice-acted, these sequences are a highlight of the game.
Teenage zombies are go!
The game contains extreme zombie-on-brain action!
Introducing our zombies - starting with the mandatory fat zombie!
A politically correct handicapped zombie!
...and a female zombie!
The title appears in book format...
..but zooms out and rotates to the standard vertical DS layout.
Starting out the tutorial level.
Only one zombie is available from the start.
Fighting a rat. The fighting system in this game is stiff and boring...
Come to think of it - the whole game is actually stiff and boring.
...and drab.
...and monotonous.
The fat zombie can climb walls and walk across pipes and cloth lines.
Eating a brain of a defeated alien adversary.
Fighting the brain-thingies!
You will collect body parts as power-ups.
There are collectible comic books scattered throughout.
Oh, now that's just awesome!
The level design is as boring as it is bastardly - forcing you to backtrack for long stretches every time you miss any particular jump.
Using the garbage power-up - it turns our fat zombie into a toxic-vomit-spewing fat zombie – a.k.a. boomer.
Melting through a door.
More awesome cutscenes
It almost feels like these cutscenes should be in a better game.
The graphics change a little starting chapter 5...
But the look of the game really doesn't get much better. It is still drab, boring and devoid of detail.
To compound the games highly unattractive look, the level design just gets progressively more and more bastardly as you get further.