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80 (Apr 05, 2007)
Dann sind wir gemeinsam rausgegangen und haben darüber gesprochen, dass es uns allen sehr viel Spaß gemacht hat. Mir vielleicht ein bisschen mehr als Papa, denn der kannte das ja schon. Außerdem ist er ganz schön alt geworden. Ich wünschte, es gäbe mehr solcher Vergnügungsparks, und damals gab es das wohl auch, aber jetzt nicht mehr: Heute kann man immer nur noch einen Park haben, hat Papa gesagt. Warum das so ist, versteht er nicht einmal selbst. Ist aber auch nicht so wichtig. Am Ende war ich ganz schön müde und bin auf der Rückfahrt im Auto eingeschlafen. Und nun muss ich auch aufhören, denn Mama ruft schon wieder: "Peter, Essen ist fertig!" Aber eins weiß ich ganz bestimmt: Wenn ich groß bin, will ich auch mal einen eigenen Vergnügungspark bauen. Spätestens mit 35!
UOL Jogos (Mar 27, 2007)
"Theme Park DS" é um exemplo de conversão de qualidade. Além de trazer tudo que o original já tinha de melhor, apresenta menus aprimorados e faz um ótimo uso das duas telas do portátil. Apesar de persistirem alguns problemas do original, garante diversão e desafio para todos os jogadores. Para os fãs do original, é um título indispensável.
Worth Playing (Aug 01, 2007)
So is Theme Park worth playing? If you're a fan of simulation games or enjoy creating theme parks or managing funds, Theme Park is an excellent port from the original PC game, and it plays amazingly well on the NDS. Despite the lack of true new content and any form of multiplayer, Theme Park proved to be simultaneously challenging and interesting.
N-Zone (May 22, 2007)
Themenpark-Simulationen sind wirklich eine feine Sache. Zu sehen, wie hilflose Parkbesucher in abgedrehten Attraktionen durch die Gegend geschleudert werden und hinterher auf die Straße reihern, belustigt mich zutiefst. Dies alles fängt das DS-Spiel prima ein, darüber hinaus mangelt es allerdings etwas an Komplexität. Es gibt zu wenige Möglichkeiten, den Park wirklich individuell zu gestalten, was nicht zuletzt an der beschränkten Anzahl von Attraktionen liegt.
Nintendo Life (Apr 21, 2007)
To be honest I was always going to recommend this game purely because it is a conversion of such a good game in the first place. While the controls are casually flawed and the sound irritating, fans of the original will find a nostalgic treat in Theme Park DS while newcomers will be thrown into a game brimming with depth.
GameSpy (Apr 03, 2007)
Theme Park is not an experience for everybody. Young players will immediately point at the lack of some "obvious" features such as a full multiplayer mode (the current mode only consists of visiting other players' parks without any real way of interacting with them). For this kind of player, there is always the option to pick up a different amusement park simulator, such as Rollercoaster Tycoon. Nostalgic players, however, will look at this new Theme Park as a faithful tribute to an evergreen classic that still proves to be enjoyable after so many years.
70 (UK) (Apr 04, 2007)
PC owners from the '90s wouldn't go back to boring old Theme Park now, much as they loved it at the time, because while they know that it's as good a port as you'll find outside my trusty hipflask, and an excellent timesink, they also know that if you go back on the strength of nostalgia you'll discover that it's one of those rare occasions where doing something again can bring about a different result. And so they play it safe and buy Slitherlink instead. Probably. Will you?
65 (Mar 30, 2007)
To all Sim Theme Park fans out there…go try Theme Park DS. It’s fun and will bring back some nostalgia factor to the fun. It’s not exactly the same game but it’s very closely related. Don’t expect Roller Coaster Tycoon or its iterations. Theme Park DS is a simple simulation game with little complexities here and there to keep it interesting. It’s intro to Park Management. Go try it!
65 (Mar 27, 2007)
C'est toujours agréable de retrouver un grand classique du jeu vidéo tel que le premier Theme Park, surtout que sur DS, il bénéficie de l'écran tactile qui se révèle bien pratique. Certes, on peut regretter le fait qu'il ne soit possible de sauvegarder qu'un seul parc et l'impossibilité d'orienter l'entrée des boutiques, mais on passe tout de même un agréable moment à construire ses manèges et ses stands.
It may sound like I can’t stand Theme Park on the DS but I don’t. Even though the game has its fair share of problem it is still a solid amusement park simulator on Nintendo’s portable system, mainly since it is the only one available. If you loved the original game, like myself, then this is defiantly a nice treat, you will relive some of those moments you had whenever you first played this game. Just make sure you have a warranty on your DS, you may end up throwing it against a wall at some point during game play.