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Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.3
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.1
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Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.1
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed
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Overall User Score (9 votes) 3.1

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eToychest (Nov 27, 2004)
I truly enjoyed this game. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The game is somewhere in between an engrossing graphic adventure and a hardcore Sims game. The linear storyline, inability to build your own house, and total lack of autonomy for the character under your control may turn diehard Sims fans away, while the number of mundane chores that are required to get through the game may repel those looking for a graphic adventure. To me, the game is a perfect mixture of both. It has a very engaging tongue-in-cheek storyline that advertises Maxis’ brand of humor while engrossing you in a number of, when you come down to it, mundane every-day tasks. I always loved the concepts that The Sims and family employed, but always wished for more focus. The Urbz offers this focus with the sacrifice of a few aspects of the The Sims games, while offering it in an authentic Sims-like package and showcasing the innovative qualities of the Nintendo DS.
Cinescape (Nov 22, 2004)
Even then, for a handheld like the DS this is the perfect little obsessive compulsive game to keep you occupied for five minutes while you wait for a table, or as a game your girlfriend can swipe from you and figure out that touching is good. Either way, you win.
Cubed3 (Mar 30, 2005)
EA made a good attempt here. Although not making great use of the DS' Touch Screen, it's not a bad game in itself, and true Simulation fans will be right at home. At times it feels like it's a little bit cheesy to play, but overall it's a nice little game and a brilliant way to pass the time.
Certains personnages vous donneront accès à des mini-jeux qui vous permettront de gagner de quoi vivre. Comme dans la vraie vie, votre existence sera ponctuée de phases de sommeil, cuisine, télé, pause pipi. Si, dans les premières heures de jeu, vous avez l'impression de ne vous consacrer qu'à ces tâches, vous aurez rapidement la possibilité de gagner des bonus permettant d'espacer ces intermèdes. On apprécie ! Même si ces coupures peuvent sembler inutiles, elles pimentent le jeu : il faut prendre en compte le timing : pas la peine d'aborder une grande discussion si on sait que dans dix minutes il va falloir aller au lit ! Graphiquement le jeu est très sympathique. Les dessins sont fins et détaillés, l'animation des personnages est fluide et souvent pleine d'humour. C'est parfait ! Au démarrage, vous aurez la possibilité de définir l'aspect de votre personnage. Vous choisirez ses vêtements, la couleur de sa peau, de ses cheveux, etc.
You know those teen movies where the obviously attractive girl is cleverly hidden behind baggy clothes and glasses until the popular chicks dress her up so everyone in school can appreciate her true beauty? With the handheld Urbz titles, it’s like the GBA version is the heroine at the beginning of the movie, and the DS version is the one at the end. Sure, all the ingredients for a rewarding experience are there from the start, but by the climactic conclusion on a whole new handheld system, the DS version walks away prettier, smoother, and more…um, interactive. The occasional control wonkyness is the one new negative, which is counteracted by the added minigames and location (Splicer Island), so I’m giving the versions the same score.
Make no mistake The Urbz: Sims in the City is a good game but whether or not it's a good choice to pick up for your Nintendo DS will depend on a few things. If you own the GBA version of the game it's not worth it for the few extras on offer here. If you don't own the GBA version and have previously enjoyed the handheld versions of The Sims then you'll be pleased with what's on offer. The use of the touch screen is an unusual one but in some ways it does make sense because you can access the game menus without breaking away from the main game. The DS catalogue is pitifully small at the moment and if you're looking for a good game to keep you entertained for 30+ hours then The Urbz is well worth considering.
76 (Feb 09, 2005)
Sims in the City boasts fun gameplay, simple schematics and, overall, it can be very addictive. It's a rare occurrence for me to become totally engrossed by a videogame, but this one had me captivated from the get-go. From the individual missions to building and nurturing rep, The Urbz is quite the entertaining experience. Now, simulation games may not appeal to everyone, but gamers who enjoy this genre will discover a real gem with The Urbz.
Nintendojo (2004)
The Urbz is a fun and addictive simulation game. It utilizes the DS touch screen feature well, although the full power of the DS’s resources isn’t fully expressed. While it may not be as in-depth as its console counterparts are, the DS version does a decent job of representing itself. It gives you a lengthy gameplay and plenty to do to keep you occupied. As far as being a launch game for the Nintendo DS, it seems that the game could have used a bit more time under the microscope, plus some added touch screen features.
Game Revolution (Dec, 2004)
The suburbanite Sims, weary of parakeets and doling out cups of sugar to the unruly youngsters, have decided to go out and get a life. Armed with only their status bars and work ethic, they brave the harsh grid of pitbulls and ruthless fashionistas in the big city in an effort to do it like The Jeffersons. Can they once again pull off the Hurculean task of bringing together the masses under one Synagogue of Simmish?
GameSpot (Nov 23, 2004)
The Urbz's mundane subject matter sometimes overwhelms the experience, but this adventure role-playing game nevertheless provides some surprising depth and lasting value.
N-Zone (Feb 09, 2005)
Der Nintendo DS hat zum Start eine breite Palette an Titeln spendiert bekommen, darunter auch die Lebenssimulation aus dem Hause Electronic Arts: The Urbz. Leider haben es sich die Entwickler sehr leicht gemacht und einfach die GBA-Version des Spiels für das neue Handheld konvertiert, zusätzliche Features eingefügt, den Umfang erhöht - und fertig. Die Menüführung wurde zwar durch den Touchscreen erweitert, wodurch die Handhabung wesentlich benutzerfreundlicher geworden ist, ansonsten ist aber alles beim Alten geblieben. Man versucht, mit seinem Urb Kontakte zu pflegen, dadurch seinen Bekanntenkreis zu vergrößern. Um an Geld zu kommen, muss - wie bei den anderen Versionen und im richtigen Leben auch - geackert werden. Technisch gesehen ist die einfache Konvertierung enttäuschend, da die DS-Version der GBA-Variante wie ein Haar dem anderen gleicht. Man merkt auch an diesem Spiel, dass die Auslieferung der Entwickler-Kits etwas zu spät erfolgte.
IGN (Nov 22, 2004)
It seems like it was just yesterday that I romped through and reviewed the Game Boy Advance version of The Urbz: Sims in the City, Maxis and EA's "revamp" of the non-PC Sims series. In fact, it was more like a couple of weeks ago that I did just that, but I once again had to take to the streets of Miniopolis on the brand-spanking-new Nintendo DS portable system, a piece of kit that touts creativity and uniqueness for a new generation of videogames. What did we get? The same damn game as the GBA design, only this time it's using two screens instead of one. By itself it's still a good game and very fulfilling if you haven't even picked up the "other version." It's just a little underwhelming to get nearly the same experience on a system that's supposed to offer gamers so much more.
I must say that I was apprehensive when I first started playing this title. The complexity was a turn off at first, but I learned my way around the game in no time. The subtle approach that the storyline takes will ease you in throughout time. I have to say that I was quite addicted to this game, and with time and experience you will be too.
Electronic Arts‘ Urbz haben ein ähnliches Problem wie Activisions Spider-Man 2. Beide Spiele gibt es eigentlich schon auf dem GBA. Lediglich die neuen Touch Screen-Bedienungen lassen einen Unterschied erkennen. Bei den urbanen Sims kommen diese vor allem in den Nintendo DS exklusiven Minispielen (meist die Ausübung eines Berufs) zum Einsatz, Nicht schlecht doch die innovative Grundidee des Dual Screen wird auch hier nicht ansatzweise angeschnitten. Darüber hinaus kommt das bekannte Sims-Prinzip zum Einsatz. Ihr begleitet eure selbst erstellte Figur durch den städtischen Alltag, sucht euch Jobs und müsst Beziehungen aufrechterhalten. Das Spiel macht also wirklich Spaß, enttäuscht aber durch die nicht vorhandene Weiterentwicklung.
GamerFeed (Dec 10, 2004)
If you're all about sim games, you won't be disappointed by The Urbz because it's a pretty involving game that'll keep you busy while on the go. However, the constant need to micromanage my character was a huge turn off, and EA's horrible use of the touch screen doesn't help this title achieve greatness.
Those who are fans should find it entertaining but a little less exciting than other games in the series. It has some interesting things to play around with. I especially liked the DNA splicing and the pets. Overall, I enjoyed the game. For me it's one of those games that you play for a while then save and go back to later.
Armchair Empire, The (Apr 07, 2005)
In the end, if you’re a fan I’d recommend running out and grabbing a copy of Urbz: Sims in the City. Everyone else can safely give it a miss.
60 (Mar 11, 2005)
Cette version DS des Urbz ne diffère pas vraiment de l'édition GBA est c'est un peu ça le problème. On aurait aimé voir les Urbz utiliser un peu mieux la nouvelle machine de Nintendo. Malgré tout, le jeu reste correct et séduira probablement les joueurs déjà conquis par les Sims : Permis de Sortir.
Of course, that's what Sims fans want anyway. Easy to pick up and play titles that are family friendly. That definitely fits this version of the game. However, that doesn't make it a good one. This desperately needed more tweaking to cut down on the aggravation, and then those missions might not be as off-putting.
Worth Playing (Apr 05, 2004)
The Urbz: Sims in the City for the Nintendo DS is the latest in EA's Sims line, following in the vein of Sims Bustin' Out. The Sims series is less of a series of games and more of a series of addiction, the phenomenon being hard to comprehend. All of the Maxis simulation titles (SimCity, SimAnt, whatever) have had some sick level of addiction to them, but the Sims' slice of that very lucrative pie has been the worst of the bunch, being some cross between a soap opera and voyeurism. Urbz is significantly horrible in this regard.
1UP (Nov 25, 2004)
The Urbz has a problem. You see, The Urbz wants to be PC classic The Sims. That is: slow-paced and packed with detail-oriented micromanagement. At the same time, though, it also wants to be a console game experience. That is: faster-paced, streamlined and goal-oriented.
GamesRadar (Mar 07, 2005)
So the question then, is which one (should you be so desperate to buy an Urbz game) do we recommend you go for? Well, given that the games are so similar, and the SP is significantly smaller and cheaper machine, we suggest you go for the GBA version...
G4 TV: X-Play (Jan 19, 2005)
The Urbz for the DS is a perfect example of what lazy game publishers will urge their developers to crank out in order to make a profit at a system's launch. In a vacuum, one would definitely be able to appreciate the charm of The Urbz, and have some fun running about, peeing in toilets, working silly little jobs, and making friends with all the scenester crowds to be found in Miniopolis. Of course, you can do all this on the Game Boy Advance as well. If you’re looking for a game that will showcase what your neat little new system can do, you’re better off looking somewhere else.
Planet GameCube (Dec 07, 2004)
Fans of The Sims series will likely find what they are looking for in The Urbz. Anybody else looking for a new, fun experience on the Nintendo DS would do best to look else ware, as The Urbz delivers nothing but tedious micromanagement.
Nintendo Life (Jul 19, 2006)
I’m pretty disappointed in this game. The Urbz: Sims in the City is a very boring experience. This game is filled with tedious and repetitive goals, bad visuals, annoying motives to make your Sim happy, and just too little to do. Even though the game takes maybe over than 20 hours to complete, I had no motivation. I wanted nothing to do with the game after playing the game for maybe 4 hours. It was just too boring to continue. The Urbz: Sims in the City is a poor excuse for a DS game. I’m sure this title will be ignored for years to come.
JeuxActu (Mar 10, 2005)
Les indécrottables de vie virtuelle pourront trouver dans ces Urbz un nouveau Tamagochi à gérer, mais malheureusement, la grande majorité n’y verra qu’un jeu au déroulement trop répétitif et finalement aux possibilités trop restreintes. Avec une utilisation du stylet plus contraignante qu’autre chose, et un deuxième écran de menus dispensable, on est en droit de se demander quels éditeurs, à part Nintendo et Sega pour le moment, prendront le temps de développer des jeux qui utilisent enfin les spécificités de la nouvelle portable. Une chose est sûre, The Urbz ne fait pas parti de ces jeux là, et Electronic Arts nous dessert tout simplement la même soupe froide que sur GBA.