Written by  :  T_ConX (10)
Written on  :  May 29, 2005
Platform  :  Nintendo DS
Rating  :  4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars

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Best use of DS hardware yet!

The Good

-Very Addictive -Lot's of unlockables -Easy to pick up, long time to master

The Bad

-Only one two player game (Ping Pong), and it's not that great. -Main game over too quickly.

The Bottom Line

Warioware Touched is not so much a game, as it is a collection of experiments in using the DS touchscreen.

The WarioWare idea is simple. Lots of simple and quick 'Micro-Games' (compared to the minigames from the MarioParty series, which are much larger), played in quick succession. Minigames are split into a variety of styles, based on the stylus techniques used in the games. Jimmy's games require you to rub the stylus on the screen, with games that involve petting a dog, or cleaning a window. Mona's game have you performing a quick cut motion on the screen, to do things chop watermelons in two, or cutting down the middle of a straw. Mic the Robot's games have you blowing into the DS's microphone to keep paper airplanes in the air and race small boats.

To finish the game, you have to beat each characters series of minigames. This involves having to play through several randomly selected games from that characters stable, ending with a boss microgame. As levels are beat, and repeat with higher scores, extras are unlocked. The biggest set of extra is in the form of minigames and objects that can be collected in the Toy Room.

At this point, this is as much fun you have with the DS. The game keeps itself fresh by keeping you out of a routine, and tempts you into mastering it with a long stream of extras.