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X-Men Origins: Wolverine is no last-minute cash-in on a movie license. It's not as deep or interesting as Spider-man: Web of Shadows, but it's another respectable showing from the very talented artisans at Griptonite Games. Origins is definitely repetitive, with gameplay that is as tough as can be, but it's also almost a perfect setting for this once-niche anti-hero. As an action adventure, the game is merely decent. As a straight-up rage-fest, it doesn't get much better than this on DS.
Vandal Online (May 26, 2009)
Como decíamos al principio del presente análisis, la edición de Nintendo DS de X-Men Orígenes: Wolverine es un producto que, pese a contar con el respaldo del éxito de la película homónima, ha acabado resultando ser bastante mediocre. Una lástima, porque seguramente tanto la película como el personaje hubieran dado mucho más de sí, como de hecho ha ocurrido en las versiones para consola doméstica del mismo juego...
Game Chronicles (May 02, 2009)
Overall, the DS version of Wolverine was my least favorite. I did enjoy the more traditional comic book style art and presentation but it fails in nearly every other way that matters. While this version may be sanitized for the 10 and older crowd, the gameplay will likely frustrate younger gamers who won’t have the patience to master or even play this title.
50 (May 05, 2009)
Dire qu'on attendait autant de la mouture DS que des excellentes versions PS3 et 360 serait faux. Toutefois, on déchante vite fait sur la console portable de Nintendo. Si tout débute dans les règles de l'art (respect du design d'origine, jeu relativement classique mais plaisant), la difficulté mal dosée et quelques errances de gameplay auront tôt fait de plomber l'ambiance. Irritant surtout de la part de développeurs n'ayant a priori pas compris l'importance de bêta-tests à même d'éviter de multiples crises d'anévrisme au joueur.
IGN (May 07, 2009)
I guess that kind of describes my expectations as a whole with X-Men Origins: Wolverine: I expected oomph, I got something rather tame and repetitive. It's possible some will be able to stomach dying over and over again to get to the end, but the comic book covers and hidden moves weren't enough to take me back through things -- even if they did allow access to earlier areas later on down the line. Nope, this just felt like a quick buck cash-in, and I know Griptonite is better than that.
Nintendojo (2009)
What really hurts the game though is how poorly it fits with the very audience it’s trying to please. It purports to be for fans of the movie, but neither the style nor the plot have anything whatsoever to do with the film. It also purports to be, by virtue of its tame E10 rating, a game for younger players, but the difficulty of the combat will likely overwhelm and eventually turn away those same young gamers. In the end, this game proves to be as mediocre as one might fear. If you’re a seasoned gamer looking for a short X-Men fix, this one works, but most other folks will want to take a pass.
Spazio Games (Aug 14, 2009)
Altra bella licenza sprecata. X-Men Origins: Wolverine non sa garantire praticamente nulla di buono. Graficamente è scarso e confuso, il sonoro è limitato e limitante, il gameplay non appassionerà per più di mezz’ora e la longevità, se pure qualcuno avesse il coraggio di arrivare fino in fondo, è comunque bassa. Il fattore rigiocabilità è pertanto quasi inesistente, padroneggiare a pieno il personaggio non è difficile ed un livello di difficoltà supplementare non è sufficiente per poter far venir voglia a qualcuno di immergersi nuovamente in un’avventura come quella proposta. Nonostante questo il personaggio è carismatico ed il sistema di controllo, seppure un po’ scomodo, compie discretamente il suo lavoro. Se avete apprezzato molto il film e vivete a pane e Marvel provatelo, in caso contrario lasciate perdere. Su Nintendo DS esistono giochi notevolmente migliori rispetto a questo.