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IGN (Jul 28, 2009)
If there was an abundance of DSiWare games on the market, then sure, I'd be all for porting older titles onto the service. But the fact is that this is one of the only games to come out this month in a catalog that is pretty weak so far. Granted, that's more of a complaint about the service, and doesn't affect the quality of the product. Still, why couldn't this have been Brain Challenge 2? If you've never ever played the game, then it's actually a pretty decent brain game, though when compared to the recently released DSiWare Brain Age, it's hard to recommend this over that.
Nintendojo (Sep, 2009)
Overall, there’s definitely other titles -- better titles -- available for the system that this package obviously copies from, specifically Brain Age. But, Brain Challenge is a budget title, retails for 800 Nintendo Points and does a respectable job mimicking a standout product, along with a couple ventures of its own. Whether it’s a top-notch writing recognition system, appealing visual template or enjoyable modes and minigames, this title definitely deserves a passing grade, even if it’s not the valedictorian of the class.
Nintendo Life (Jul 05, 2009)
Like Gameloft’s previous DSiWare releases, Brain Challenge certainly isn’t short on content, and in terms of presentation it rivals the quality of many DS games available on store shelves, but it’s just a shame that so much of what’s available here has been seen before – most notably, in fact, in the Brain Challenge games on WiiWare and DS. What Brain Challenge does, it does very well – it’s just a shame it’s pretty much all been done before.