Mighty Flip Champs! Credits


Developed byWayForward
Tyrranical OverlordVoldi Way
CEOJohn Beck
Executive ProducerChris Watson
Game Design byMatt Bozon (The Bozon Bros.), Mark Bozon (The Bozon Bros.)
Game DirectorMatt Bozon
ArtMatt Bozon
LevelsMatt Bozon, Mark Bozon
Lead ProgrammerChris Losorelli
Co‑DesignerMark Bozon
ProgrammersMichael Clasgens, John Sensebe
Additional LevelsAdam Tierney, Sean Velasco, Michael Herbster
Engine SupportJames Chan
SupportAndy Crim
Music and Sound byBig Lion Music, Jake Kaufman (uncredited)
Additional ArtHenk Nieborg
Promo IllustrationRobert DeJesus
Cut Scene IllustrationJason Robinson
PRJordan Mayer
Q.A. LeadChris Anderson
Quality AssuranceBarrett Velia, Josette Dziuk, Tim Haling
Special ThanksDan Adleman, Noriko Fritschle, Erin Bozon (Erin), Brin Bozon (Brin), Luke Bozon, Rudy Losorelli (Rudy), Tracey Losorelli (Tracey), Nick Losorelli (Nick), Shannon Losorelli, Ian Wakelin, Jimmy Huey, Donna Deslauriers (Donna), Rick Deslauriers, Jay Clasgens (Jay), Natalie Clasgens (Natalie), V.J. Clasgens (V.J.), Jeannette Clasgens, Sondra Ortiz, Adriana Watson, and All Wayforward Staff

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Credits for this game were contributed by Michael Cassidy (20929)