Shantae: Risky's Revenge Screenshots (Nintendo DSi)

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Nintendo DSi version

Title screen.
Starting a new game.
As soon as you start, Shantae has to fight monsters.
Hair-whipping a scarecrow
Shantae is rewarded for her efforts with a large gem.
You sure do!
Bolo reminds Shantae that Uncle Mimic is giving a presentation at the Relic Hunter Expo today.
Then he reminds her she needs to return the egg she was egg-sitting to Sky.
Unfortunately, she didn't take very good care of it...
Returning the egg to Sky.
Uncle Mimic crack open his mysterious stone to reveal...a lamp.
Risky Boots promptly blows a hole in the roof and steals it.
Fighting the first boss, the Steam Powered Oceanic Tinker Tub.
Exploring the upper levels of Scuttle Town.
Shantae can crawl into these small caves.
Inside a cave. Nothing we can do here, yet...
Encountering an orc in Tangled Forest.