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atari kombinera

North & South Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Credits and language selection.
Title screen
Main menu (for a gimmick, try clicking on the photographer's butt).
The main ingame screen.
Battle: Both players duke it out until one unit is decimated or retreats.
You can take over a fort: A nice way to increase your monthly budget.
A short scenario introduction
Make sure the train is always riding
The battle is about to begin
Reinforcements arrive by ship
Now move your units
The bridge must be destroyed
Attempting to rob the train
A confederate soldier kicked me off the railway wagon
You see what happens when the Mexican wakes up...
A Tomahawk is flying across the screen: The Indians attack
Defeated by the Confederates

Amstrad CPC version

Language selection and credits screen
The title screen.
The Options Selection screen.
The Civil War broke out between The Union and The Confederacy.
A train service will be run if you control the stations on both the ends the line.
Running a train service makes you money, to buy new troops.
Let's try to conquer the fortress currently held by the Confederacy.
There is a limited time frame to conquer the fortress.
Conquered the fortress. Good job!
Your opponent can also try to conquer your fortress.
He can be stoped by throwing knifes, beating him up, send the dogs after him or use dynamite.
Let's attack the Confederacy.
The battle field. You got cannons and soldiers.
We 've won the battle!
Another battle field. If you destroy the bridge the troops can not pass it.
The European reinforcements have arrived in South Virginia.
An army unit can not be moved if a storm cloud is located above them.

Atari ST version

Title screen
Language and credits screen
Game options Screen
The Civil War Begins
An army can not be moved when a storm cloud is located above it
Riding a train between the two train stations on the line
Riding a train earns cash. You receive a new army unit when the vault is full of money
Reinforcements from Europe have arrived
The Confederacy is attacking the Union
The battle field
The confederacy is trying to take over the fortress
You can stop them by using your knife or fists. Or send out the dogs or use explosives
The South failed to take over the fortress
Let's conquer a fortress
You took over the fortress. Raise the Union flag.
Battle field. Prevent the enemy crossing the bridge by destroying it
Oh! Smoke signals! What are the Indians going to do?
The Indians threw an axe, killing the army that invaded their territory

Commodore 64 version

Main Menu
The scenario for the game. This various depending on the year chosen.
The map screen
You've taken over a fort
Battle sequence - the C64 version has a lot less detailed graphics than the 16 bit versions.
Battle near a river.
Battle near a canyon.

DOS version

Opening screen with the language selection (EGA)
Title screen (EGA)
A battle is about to begin... (EGA)
A small battle (EGA)
Gather enough money and you'll receive a new army. (EGA)
Get ready, the battle is about to begin! (EGA)
Let's rob that train... (EGA)
Heh, you missed! (EGA)
Stop this train immediately! (EGA)
Beginning a new game in January 1864. (EGA)
Let's try to conquer this fortress. (EGA)
Be quick, you don't have much time for this. (EGA)
Well done, soldier! (EGA)
You can't move an army that is in a storm. (EGA)
Only one cannon left. (EGA)
A new army is arriving by ship. (EGA)
Game over (EGA)
Opening screen with the language selection (CGA)
Main menu (CGA)
The Confederacy is attacking, prepare for battle! (CGA)
Try to destroy the bridge while there are soldiers on it. (CGA)
Get outta my way, Yankee! (CGA)
On the battlefield (CGA)
Hold the cursor over an army for more info. (CGA)
Earning some cash for new troops. (CGA)
Jumping to the next railway waggon. (CGA)
Title screen (hercules graphic card)
Main menu (hercules graphic card)
USA map (hercules graphic card)
Charge! (hercules graphic card)
Battle in progress
Canyon bridge
Sturm on fort
Platform level
Title screen (Tandy)
Main menu / options screen (Tandy)
The US map from which we handle the strategic elements of the game (Tandy)
Battle! (Tandy)

MSX version

The Infogrames logo.
Language selection and programming credits.
The title screen.
Game Options Select.
The North and the South are at war.
Riding a train provides hard cash.
To let the trains ride you need to own both train stations on the rail track.
A troop build up! Two or more troops combined. Recognizable due to the cannon balls next to the soldier on the south-west of the screen.
Select what you want to do: conquer enemy land or launch an attack on enemy troops.
Select the area where you want to move your troops to.
A Battle field with cannons, ground troops and the calvary
You are on the winning hand.
Let's try to conquer the fortress of the Southern army.
Running on the roof tops. Dogs, dynamite and troops try to stop you.
You hit that southern bastard hard!
You have plenty of time left.
You conquered the enemy's fortress! Congratulations!
The southern troops can try to conquer your fortresses too. In this case they failed.

NES version

Title screen
Choosing game options
The game features several playable scenarios
The game map allows you to move units around the battle front
On-field battle action sequence
Attempting to capture an enemy fort
The battle has begun
January 1864, North and South at war
You can increase your budget by robbing the train
Japanese credits screen
Japanese title screen
Scenario introduction (Japanese Version)
The war is over (Japanese Version)

Windows version

Startup menu
Graphics setup
Title screen
Main menu
Starting 1961 scenario
Moving troops on the map
Armies clash
Battle on the plains
Boarding the money train
Need to reach the locomotive before the time runs out
Attack on the fort
Heading for the flag before time runs out in order to capture the fort
Buying new troops
New troops can also arrive by ship
The south has combined army strength
Victory screen for player 1
Defeat screen for player 2

ZX Spectrum version

The Loading Screen.
The Infogrames logo in all its animated glory.
There are 3 languages to select from.
Title Screen.
Select which side of the conflict you want to be on.
The overview map of the US which is used for planning your attacks.
You get some more money for the war effort.
The Confederate leader spots the enemy signalling a battle.
A skirmish fought on open ground.
The Confederates attack a Union fort.
Inside the fort you need to dodge knives thrown by Union soldiers.
Punching the enemy on the chin results in them being shot skywards out of the Fort.
Jump over the TNT bundles.
Raise the Confederate flag to finish the Fort attack.
A bridge separates the opposing forces
The red tinge gives the impression of a night battle.
Using the upper part of a Fort level is quicker but you need to carefully jump over gaps
A Union soldier changes the Confederate flag back the the Stars and Stripes.
The Confederates are clearly winning the by the amount of flags on the map.
A mini cut scene sees you hijacking a Union Train.
A well timed jump is needed to get on top of the moving train.
The union don't take too kindly to you getting aboard.
Make it to the driver and the train is yours.
The Union is down to 1 cavalry which is easily killed and the west is won.
Long live Dixie.