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Windows version

Main title
If you get lost, you can click TAB to see map on your left.
You can change your character look. InGame, you can be almost naked... nice idea from WS Team.
Cities and buildings are really nice in more than 256 colors. If you play in 8bit color scheme, the reality loses.
It can be dark deep inside the caves, but take your book of magic tricks and enlighten the way.
With every character, you'll be in a different way of playing and ending Nox game.
Every chapter-start looks very similar.
Inside the book, you'll get magics, and/or beasts' infos.
Light blue crystals are the best way to fill your mana.
Saving miners is one of the first missions as a conjurer.
Conjurer may not have strong weapons and shields, but can create or assimilate the beasts guardians.
Battling Hecubah in the underworld, playing as a warrior.
Exploring the mage temple with a demonic sidekick.
In quest for The Heart of Nox.
Entrance of the Temple of Ix.
Ogre's outpost/village.
Mimics are a powerful creatures to summon, and a nice chest to camouflage.
Entering the Land of the Dead.
Starting as wizard.
Playing magic is a powerfull stuff.
In the church is as quiet as ever.
Stone golem is a good addition to the conjurer.
Lasers have like infinite hit on anyone, no matter the strength and armour.
Zapping the boss demon and his fireball-flinging imps with a little lightning
Hecubah zaps the warlord Horrendous and his minions with her wand o' death while you (the guy in blue) looks on. Play as a Wizard and you'll have to beat him yourself without her help
You'll occasionally receive the aid of computer-controlled companions. Here the mighty hero Horvath the Wizard helps you battle some ogres
What action RPG would be complete without scantily clad winged ladies trying to zap you to death?
Blasting a few Necromancers with a "magical shotgun" known as the triple fireball staff
Hecubah throws an entire army of undead at you, but fortunately the completed Staff of Oblivion is a super-weapon capable of vacuuming them all up
Magical duel between Jack the Wizard and Hecubah in the Land of the Dead
Nox logo
Starting a multiplay game
Collecting healing potions
The equipment modifies the way your character looks both in type and in colour of armors/weapons.
The very beginning of your career as a wizard.
This is the way most taverns will look like; like in other rooms, you may want to destroy few objects such as barrels.
Secret areas are not that hard to find, and most of them conceal good treasures inside (in addition to experience points).
Each chapter in the game has its own picture
Whilst playing the game, you can get 1 of several death pictures when you die, along with a taunt from Hecubah.
Nox Quest - Menu Screen
You can go the duration of the game in your underwear if the mood takes you.
Nox Quest - Ingame added options.
Nox Quest - Basic introductory upon the installments.
Nox Quest - Passing the summoning obelisks of a few kinds.
Nox Quest - Using soul gates is some kind of indirect saving.
Nox Quest - These items could not be found in the Nox game before.
Nox Quest - There are few text stuff added all the time that is very similar to multiplayer game.
Nox Quest - Sweeping the mines, your first quest as a wizard.
Nox Quest - Obelisks are made in several shots of destruction, depending on your whacking upon them.

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