Omelette Quest Screenshots

User Screenshots

Browser version

Loading screen.

Windows version

Title screen
The delicious egg where the whole game revolves around.
The first few levels serve as a tutorial.
Pushing the egg over a hill.
The second level.
You can pick up boards.
Green player build a bridge.
The players created a ramp for the egg to roll over...
... but didn't plan ahead.
In a re-try blue player figured out a solution.
Another bridge contraption.
Some levels get complicated.
Blue has become Spike. And uses his power to climb to new hights.
Reaching otherwise unreachable locations.
Blast powerup in action.
Gunk can be used to glue the egg or another player to the terrain...
...or against each other...
...or the ceiling...
...or make make-shift bridges.
Some levels might seem impossible.
Some are harder than they look.
There's little you can do to prevent this from happening.
Combining power-ups.