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Commodore 64All Game Guide (1998)
Overall if you like horse racing then this is the perfect game. Omni-Play Horse Racing has so many statistics and options that it is different every time you play. Add in the available expansion packs and the replay value is incredible.
AmigaCompute's Amiga Resource (Apr, 1990)
Beyond the thundering of hooves, there's not much in the way of sound. The graphics and animation, however, are outstanding in every respect. Omni-Play Horse Racing is a terrific simulation - the best interpretation yet of the sport of kings.
AmigaAmiga Joker (Jan, 1990)
Hinsichtlich der verwendeten Grafiken wurden die Möglichkeiten unserer „Freundin“ bei weitem nicht voll ausgenutzt, die Screenshots auf der Packung versprechen da mehr, als das Game hält. Die Handhabung geht soweit in Ordnung, mal abgesehen von den immer wiederkehrenden Ladepausen. Der wenige Sound ist allerdings reichlich dünn ausgefallen. Vielleicht gewinnt das Spiel ja noch durch die zukünftigen Erweiterungen, aber beim gegenwärtigen Stand der Dinge würde ich mein Geld doch eher auf eine richtige Rennbahn tragen!
In the end it comes down to the fact that in real life the winners and losers are not just determined by statistics. 250-1 no-hopers will romp home every so often, favourites will follow the field. Though Horse Racing includes such random factors, I was always conscious that a computer was generating every result - and betting imaginary money against a microchip just doesn't turn me on. It's the element of fate that makes real racing so addictive and that just can't be simulated!
AmigaCommodore User (Jan, 1990)
Horse Racing is a pretty dull and pointless game. With friends you could possibly get an hour or two out of it, but otherwise it's not worth bothering about.
Commodore 64Zzap! (Sep, 1990)
This is typical of all the previous Ominiplay games: a huge manual to read, loads of lengthy disk accessing and minimal playability. And this one's probably the worst yet with very little to do other than pore over reams of statistics before deciding which horse to bet on. Then you have to wait four minutes (only about two-and-a-half with a fastload cartridge!) for the race section to load. In racing terms this nag should be sent straight to the glue factory!
Omni-Play" Horse Racing is an excellent simulation of the Sport of Kings. The number of variables factored into each race and the entertainment value provided put this product into the 'Winner's Circle".