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onEscapee Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Flying away from a mysterious city (intro sequence)
We appear to be dead... or are we? (intro sequence)
Running away from a junkyard vaporizer
Ewwww, what the hell is that thing?
Every game needs bottomless pits to jump over
Getting mauled by horrible spiders
Solving a pattern puzzle
Everything's out to get us
A nice-looking waterfall
I wonder what happened to him
Connecting elevator wires
Gruesome deaths on every corner
Deadly deadly machines
Looking for levers
Fighting off robots in a base
Figuring out a code puzzle
Exploring the city
This bar looks like a nice rest stop
Enjoying the scenery
Exploring underwater caves
Shooting around a warehouse

Windows version

Developer's logo
Intro sequence
onEscapee title
Enemies breaking in, intro sequence
Main menu
Help screen
Starting location is dumping ground on alien planet
Dead end at the junkyard
Getting zapped by a spaceship.
The city looks nice from up here.
Exploring the cave.
Getting spiked to death.
Activating the switch.
Watch out for the pit.
Better not interrupt chow time.
Watch out for the acid blood.
Picking up a gun.
Eaten by the spider.
Going through the debris.
Match the pattern!
More carcasses
Running past the waterfall.
These critters get uglier and uglier.
That snake looks dangerous.
Connect the wires.
Waiting for the elevator.
Falling through the elevator shaft.
You can shoot your enemies....
...or you can jump over them!
Killing some droids.
Battling enemies
In the medical bay
I dread to imagine what happened here.
Another medical bay
Input the correct code.
That's one creepy alien
Zapped to death.
Running away!
Taking down the water tower.
Being chased.
Duck or you'll get run over!
Running behind a building.
Even cars can shoot you!
Can't have an adventure without bottomless pits!