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Operation: Cleanstreets Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Loading screen.
Keyboard instructions.
Joystick instructions.
Main menu.
The boss gives you a mission.
Starting a new game.
Fighting a punk.
Defeated him.
In the building is a maniac with a chainsaw!
Beat him up and confiscated his drugs.
Exploring the neighborhood.
People launch bricks and knives from the building windows.
Being chased around on the basketball court!
Danger by the docks.
Game over sends you back to the menu.
On later levels you will face more than one enemy at a time.
Assaulted by punks.

Atari ST version

A dealer with a Chainsaw, yes !
Harlem in easy mode, just one dealer
Oh yeah baby, sounds good...
Chinatown !
Burn the drugs outside the town to... recover energy of course !
Select difficulty
Main street
Harlem's entrance
Fight against zen's dealers !
US main title
Intro of the US relase

DOS version

Uh oh, troubles approaching :D
Our hero fleeing... good start?
Oh, so kind, yes thank you!
A lot of background story
Cool, so many moves! If only they worked well...
Take note of commands... by the way CTRL Q is the only one you'll really need
Options menu, note you can choose difficulty level
Hey, look what's under my shoe !
For strange reasons, you regain health burning drug in that fire
Wanna play basketball?
Mmm girl with a whip, where have we already seen this enemy?
Fighting a chainsaw with bare hands, we're superheroes
Here they come, the world-famous Manhattan Ninjas!
Two bodyguards for the last boss, they're fair and will fight you one-by-one
Chuck Norris look at this! Enemy down!
The ultra-evil-boss fights with a sword. He doesn't know that we crushed a guy with a chainsaw at the beginning!