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Right on, man. Hip cats'll dig the groovy vibe of this game. Windows Jim Newland (60)
A groovy, spy game where you get to wear tight outfits and shoot bad people. Windows Terrence Bosky (5463)
A shooter of exceptional quality Windows Zovni (10646)
Just like an old James Bond movie (86/100) Windows Thexder0 (1901)
Incredibly fun (and funny) Austin Powers inspired 60s spy shooter. Windows Entorphane (375)
Very shagadelic.... Windows Sam Hardy (82)
Fun, cheezy and well-executed. Overall a great game. Windows Tomer Gabel (4646)
Possibly the best game since Half-Life! Windows Brian Jordan (20)
Best shooter since Half-Life, and just as good! Windows Timotei Centea (6)

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Platform Votes Score
Macintosh 7 4.3
Windows 135 4.1
Combined User Score 142 4.1

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MacintoshMac Addict (Mar, 2003)
Altogether, Cate stars in an excellent package, full of stylish locations, well-crafted dialogue, splendid voice talent, a strong plot, a campy dose of nostalgia, and wickedly wry humor. You'll like this one.
WindowsDaily Radar (2000)
No One Lives Forever is so imaginative, colorful and funny that it serves to remind us how insufferably gloomy and witless most shooters are. Players take control of Cate Archer and gain that rarest of FPS powerups, the interesting character. She must battle to save the world from a nefarious scheme that makes organic creatures, such as goats and men, explode like bombs. It's a ridiculous premise that is used cleverly throughout a game that had us laughing constantly. The level design is creative and full of good ideas, the music is spy-film perfect, and the production values are first-rate. Only a very mediocre graphics engine and an annoying AI bug marred what is otherwise one of the best games of the year.
WindowsClubic (Dec 18, 2000)
Ne tournons pas autour du pot, le test parle de lui-même : j'ai beaucoup aimé ce jeu. Il est amusant, original, prenant et techniquement bien foutu. Cela fait beaucoup de compliments mais honnêtement ce jeu, quasiment royale le mérite. Il n'y a vraiment aucune raison de ne pas craquer pour ce titre auquel on ne peut faire qu'un seul reproche : il y a une fin ! Mais, après tout, qui sait ? Peut-être aurons-nous droit à une suite ? Après tout Cate, autant que les diamants, pourrait bien être éternelle...
WindowsGamesFirst! (2000)
No One Lives Forever has excellent and detailed graphics, an amusing narrative, a wicked sense of humor, and tons of personality. More importantly, it has the most well-balanced and enjoyable gameplay we’ve ever seen in a shooter. Some have suggested that No One Lives Forever is the best first-person shooter since Half-Life. We’d suggest it’s better.
Superb craftsmanship, inventive scripting, wonderful acting, brilliant enemy AI, and sumptuous graphics are all placed in a huge, varied, and intensely colorful 60s setting by a team clearly bestowing care and love on their work and product. No One Lives Forever is one of the best action/adventures ever, joining the ranks of Half-Life, Thief, and Deus Ex as an equal. Cate is the grooviest heroine of the new millennium. My only regret was that the fun and wild ride ended. That's why NOLF 2: The Spy in H.A.R.M.S. Way, due out in October, is one of my most highly anticipated titles. Try the original (it's in the bargain bin at many stores), and I'm sure you'll join my enthusiasm for Cate's World. What I Liked the Most - It's a huge, varied and involving game; there are multiple types of weapons and devices; the music and voice acting are superlative.
WindowsGameGenie (2000)
If you are a fan of first person shooters, No One Lives Forever is for you. It's been a while since we've had a story-driven, smart, funny, and engaging shoot-em-up. The standard FPS gameplay is enhanced by realistic weapons, fun gadgets, high-quality AI, and an overall fun atmosphere. The advancing storyline will draw you in, and you can't turn back after you enter the world of Cate Archer. Not that you would ever want to.
WindowsComputer Games Magazine (Nov 08, 2000)
After several years of lackluster game releases, Monolith has finally delivered a truly top-notch title. No One Lives Forever combines a fantastic sense of style with great animation and voice acting, clever AI, industry-leading interactive music, a wry sense of humor, and gameplay that keeps you coming back for more. It's the absolute antithesis of every hackneyed blast-a-thon through yet another dungeon, space station, sewer, or subway station full of button pushing and lever flipping. Don't let Monolith's past games scare you away from this one—in the two years since Half-Life raised the bar for everyone, no other shooter has come as close to living up to our raised expectations for the genre.
WindowsGamer's Pulse (Nov 29, 2000)
Well, for those of you who will reject a title out of hand simply because it is from Monolith, I say don’t! NOLF is by far one of the best games to come out this year, and is certainly the best and most original single-player FPS experience to come down the pipeline since Half-Life. If you enjoy great story, super graphics, and excellent gameplay, then this is definitely a game for you. With the impending patch, the game should be useable for most everyone, and is certainly one that is not to be missed. No if you’ll excuse me, I have a briefing to attend; the world needs saving, after all.
97 (Sep 02, 2001)

פרט לעובדה שמדובר במשחק פעולה שממש כיף לשחק בו, ניתן להגיד שהוא פשוט משחק גאוני: העלילה שלו מדהימה, מתפתחת בכיוונים שונים ומועברת לשחקן בצורה יוצאת מן הכלל, הבינה המלאכותית פשוט נהדר והאקשן במשחק הוא מציאותי ככל האפשר, הסאונד והפסקול נהדרים, השליטה נוחה והגרפיקה טובה מאוד יחסית לדרישות הסבירות של המשחק. אני מצאתי בנולף את המשחק הטוב ביותר ששיחקתי בשנתיים האחרונות, כשהוא מנסה, וגם מצליח, לאחד מספר אלמנטים שונים ממשחקי הפעולה של השנתיים האלו: התגנבויות, צליפה, אקשן, עלילה, גרפיקה, סאונד – הכל בתוך חבילה נהדרת של אחד המשחקים הטובים ביותר ששיחקתי מעולם. חברת מונולית', שעד עכשיו ייצרה אך ורק כותרים סבירים שהצליחו בשוק אבל לא לזמן רב, יכולה להתגאות בנולף, משחק נהדר שעשה לי את השנה.

WindowsGame Vortex (2000)
No One Lives Forever is a great game. It's both a homage and a light parody of the whole spy genre, especially the Bond movies, and you can tell that it's a labor of love. While it may not be the deepest game ever made, and doesn't quite get to the level of, say, Thief, that doesn't keep NOLF from being the finest shooter released in recent history. If you've played Deus Ex through and need another good-plot, good-action title, or you're simply a fan of the genre, you need to get No One Lives Forever... now.
WindowsArmchair Empire, The (2000)
Quibbles aside, No One Lives Forever is a great game, well worth the money. The combination of style, wit, creativity, spycraft, cool locations, great gadgets and the overall sense of fun make this one a must have for FPS fans and a recommended game for casual gamers.
WindowsGameZone (Dec 13, 2000)
NOLF is this year's surprise hit and on a short list of best game of the year.
WindowsComputer Bild Spiele (Jan, 2001)
Hier trifft ein technisch erstklassiges Actionspiel auf den Humor der guten, alten TV-Kultserie „Mit Schirm, Charme und Melone“. Wenn Sie Half-Life (deutsche Version) und Co. mögen und außerdem etwas für englischen Humor übrig haben, werden Sie dieses Spiel lieben. No One Lives Forever ist überaus lustig, verblüffend realistisch und verdammt gut. „Sehr gut“ nämlich.
94 (Nov 21, 2000)
Tja, auch nach heftigstem Suchen konnten wir keine Schwachstellen entdecken. Einzig die manchmal verdammt schweren Missionen, in denen man keinen Alarm auslösen darf, zehren am Nervenkostüm. Die Geschichte steckt voller Humor und es ist wirklich erstaunlich, dass es noch Gamedesinger gibt, die sich nicht an Schema F festklammern. Meiner Meinung schlägt NOLF den bisherigen Primus bei 3D-Action-Adventuren auf dem PC, Half-Life, um Längen. Selten habe ich ein Spiel gesehen, das so ideenreich und liebevoll umgesetzt wurde. Allerdings bleibt es fraglich, ob die deutsche Version ohne Abstriche bei der Gewaltdarstellung auskommt. Für uns ein Anwärter auf das Spiel des Jahres!
94 (Nov 15, 2000)
Absolutely gorgeous graphics, Textures that will make you droop all over, Gameplay that will last for a while. Make sure you buy this game because it is you total Time Killer
WindowsActionTrip (Nov 22, 2000)
But all this engine talk is beside the point really. The content is what matters, not just the visuals! And does NOLF ever have an excess of it! No One Lives Forever is every bit as charming as its lead heroine, and I can't wait for another game like it! Here, let me write that down --- pester NOLF designers into making another game; find Cate Archer nude patch... if one isn't available corner our code pimp Dex into making one... Find a girlfriend, you pathetic prick! Ahh... scratch that last one...
WindowsGameSpot (Nov 10, 2000)
Just when it seemed as if first-person shooters had run out of ideas, along comes No One Lives Forever to reinvigorate the genre. Two years after the release of Half-Life, a first-person shooter has finally arrived that's so stylish, so ingenious, so well written, so well acted, and otherwise so great that this review won't have to include the expression "it's no Half-Life" - except for right there. No One Lives Forever takes the impressive enemy artificial intelligence of Half-Life, the stealth features of Thief: The Dark Project, and the gadgetry of the console shooter GoldenEye 007 and then combines them all with a unique, colorful '60s setting and a great sense of humor. The resulting game's unrelenting inventiveness shows in virtually every aspect of its design.
91 (Oct 30, 2002)
No One Lives Forver 2 ist absolut beeindruckend in vielerlei Hinsicht. Beeindruckend reicht jedoch nicht aus, um ein echter Top Hit im 90er Bereich zu sein. NOLF 2 überzeugt zusätzlich durch extrem abwechslungsreiche Levels und eine Menge Menge Spaß. Lediglich die ersten Einführungslevels sind ein wenig übertrieben, hier braucht man tatsächlich eine Portion Geduld und Ausdauer. Dann aber überzeugt das Spiel durch schlichtweg geniales Gameplay. Und was will man mehr?
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Dec, 2000)
Inhaltlich ist das Ding fast schon eine Offenbarung. Leveldesign, Gegner-KI, Abwechslung, Story und sogar die Musik: alles vom Feinsten. Besonders der clevere Mix aus Schleichen und Schießen hat es mir angetan. Die Mischung gefällt mir hier sogar noch besser als in Deus Ex, da die Action stärker im Vordergrund steht. Auch der Motivations-Faktor ist enorm: Nur noch mal gucken, welche Überraschung mich um die nächste Ecke erwartet, nur noch diese eine Mission zu Ende gespielt. Wenn ich überhaupt etwas zu mäkeln habe, dann höchstens über einige arg langatmige 3D-Zwischensequenzen. Die hätte man flotter schneiden können, auch der ein oder andere Dialog dauert zu lange. Dass der Multiplayer-Modus keinen Agenten um den Schlaf bringt, ist ebenfalls schade – aber da gibt’s derzeit ja ausreichend Alternativen. Wenn Sie auch nur ein bisschen Wert auf Solo-Spielspaß legen: Lassen Sie sich dieses Meisterwerk auf keinen Fall entgehen.
MacintoshIGN (Nov 21, 2002)
No One Lives Forever (NOLF) combines a first-rate plot, grandiose explosions, superb dialogue, and plenty of trigger-happy action to make for one of the best gaming experiences I've had this year.
WindowsGaming Age (2000)
No One Lives Forever is a shining example of bringing together a wide variety of different ideas, executing them with a ever-engaging style, and delivering a polished product that is a thrilling experience from beginning to end. It is honestly one of the most entertaining shooters to come out in years, and it’s a testament to what the how good this often-disappointing genre can do when all the elements are properly brought together.
WindowsIGN (Nov 10, 2000)
Compared to 1999, it's been a pretty slow year for first-person shooters. Sure, we had Soldier of Fortune early on, and Deus Ex held us over during the lean summer months, but the usually over-prevalent shooter has only reared its head a few times so far in the new millennium. Luckily though, we have seen a resurgence of story-heavy shooters this year. After playing Half-Life in '98, and being bombarded by action-only shooters in '99, we were wondering if anyone would follow in Valve's footsteps and mix high-speed action with over-the-top cinematics and a solid plot. And while it's not quite up to the complexity of Deus Ex, No One Lives Forever (NOLF) combines a first-rate plot, grandiose explosions, superb dialogue, and plenty of trigger-happy action to make for one of the best gaming experiences we've had all year.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Jan, 2001)
NOLF pretty much hits every nail square on the head. Except for the painfully long cut-scenes and an inability to review the intelligence item you pick up during a mission, the designers have created a slyly funny game that deftly combines bulletspraying action, THIEF-style sneaking, and imaginative storytelling. NO ONE LIVES FOREVER is the best single-player shooter of the year.
WindowsGamereactor (Denmark) (Jan 15, 2001)
God grafik. God AI. Fede våben.
WindowsSpel för Alla (Dec, 2000)
Med rötterna i gamla agentfilmer och med intensiv action lyckas No One Lives Forever hitta en suverän stämning. Snygga miljöer och lagom doser av humor gör det här till ett höjdarspel.
WindowsPC Player (Germany) (Nov, 2000)
Half-Life muss den Thron als packendster Solo-Ego-Shooter räumen. No One Lives Forever heißt ein neues Juwel, das sich ohne große Hype-Ankündigungen klammheimlich als Spitzentitel herausstellt. Interessant ist, dass es im Spielablauf anfangs noch recht nüchtern zugeht. Doch je länger man spielt, umso mehr entpuppt sich die Larve zum Schmetterling. Vor Witz nur so sprühende Dialoge (gute Englisch-Kenntnisse vorausgesetzt), außerordentliches Level-Design, riesige Außenszenarios, Extrawaffen bis zum Abwinken und der typisch kitschige 60er-Jahre-Stil. Eine komplette Aufzählung würde den Rahmen sprengen. Selbst nach dem Test (Lösungszeit: 25 Stunden im Normal-Modus) werde ich es noch mal durchspielen: Dann aber auf die reine Agententour, ohne von Kameras und Wachen entdeckt zu werden. Ja, NOLF ist der Überhit für Solisten. Das Spiel muss man einfach gesehen haben.
90 (Dec 11, 2000)
Alliant un gameplay alléchant à une technique tout à fait solide, No One Lives Forever est au final une excellente surprise. L'univers est aussi novateur et frais que possible, offrant une expérience solo vraiment passionnante.
WindowsGamezone (Germany) (Apr 26, 2001)
Obwohl nicht mehr das neueste Game, besticht "No one lives forever" wegen des ausgereiften Gameplays und dem nicht vorhanden sein lästiger Kinderkrankheiten. Wer ein Faible für die 70er Jahre hat und gerne 1st-Person-Shooter und Action-Adventures spielt, der sollte unbedingt zugreifen, denn für diesen Preis ist kaum Besseres zu bekommen. So lohnt sich die Anschaffung der Edition schon wegen der zusätzlichen Soundtrack-CD, die alle Songs aus dem Spiel enthält.
MacintoshMac Gamer (Dec 09, 2002)
In conclusion, No One Lives Forever is worth the time, attention and money involved in the game, its sense of humor, style and action intriguing the player and making the experience nothing short of fun. Even if the game was late, MacPlay’s pulled it off in time for the holidays and this could be a good gift for the first person shooter fan on your list. Yes, there’s room for improvement via bug fixes and the game only runs in OS X, but this is a genuinely fun game with a great multiplayer base and worth your consideration.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Dec, 2000)
Selten habe ich so abgedrehte und spannende Abenteuer er- und überlebt wie mit Cate Archer. Die rasante Fahrt auf einem Schneemobil über rutschige Hügel Sibiriens, die aberwitzige Verfolgungsjagd auf einem Dreirad, die Wassereimer-Rettungsaktion auf einem indischen Bazar - No One Lives Forever 2 ist bis zum Anschlag voll gestopft mit amüsanten Ideen, die man in keinem anderen Ego-Shooter findet. Verwunderlich dagegen finde ich die hohen Hardware-Anforderungen; vor allem in Anbetracht der langweiligen Texturen, die sich häufig aus schwammigen Farbmassen zusammensetzen. Warum läuft No One Lives Forever 2 nur auf High-End-Rechnern mit teurer Geforce4 Grafikkarte wirklich ruckelfrei? Am spiegelnden Wasser (neu) und den realistischen Grashalmen (auch neu), die sich im Wind biegen, kann‘s ja wohl nicht ausschließlich liegen
WindowsPelit (Dec, 2000)
Jokaisella voimalla on vastavoimansa, jopa 60-luvun agenttiparodioissa. No One Lives Forever on yhtä hyvä kuin Austin Powers kauhea.
WindowsPower Unlimited (Dec, 2000)
Humor, avontuur, aktie en afwisseling maken van No One Lives Forever een prima shooter met een zeer sympathieke hoofdrolspeelster en een sterk verhaal. Het is net alsof je zelf in een spionagefilm meespeelt.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Dec, 2000)
Never let a man do a woman's job! Bijzonder gewelddadige retro kitch. Groovy baby, yeah!
WindowsGameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands) (Nov 27, 2000)
Het mag wel duidelijk zijn dat No One Lives Forever een game is dat ongetwijfeld in het top-vijf rijtje van het jaar thuishoort. De kleine tekortkomingen verzinken in het niets als je ziet hoe origineel en verslavend deze first-person shooter is.
WindowsOldies Rising (Dec 09, 2009)
Franchement je ne vois pas bien quoi reprocher à No One Lives Forever. Il est beau, long, intéressant, original, immersif et drôle ! On ne peut passer qu’un excellent moment en compagnie de ce FPS, alors débrouillez-vous pour le trouver, mais jouez-y !
WindowsAbsolute Games ( (Nov 16, 2000)
Мне нечего сказать. Must Have. Удовольствие от игры гарантировано. Согласитесь, давно уже жанр FPS не радовал нас проектами, способными в своей одиночной части увлечь на многие и многие часы. Сейчас именно такой случай. Можете смело ставить NOLF в один ряд с Unreal и Half-Life. Если бы не слабая графика, жутко медленно грузящиеся уровни, да совсем небольшие недочеты в управлении…
WindowsGameSpy (Nov 17, 2000)
For the most part, the boys at Monolith should be commended for No One Lives Forever -- in a genre packed with space marines, aliens and monsters, Monolith has managed to come up with a unique and fun concept for a shooter. The humor is a welcome change of pace, the game is certainly not short, and we probably haven't seen this much attention to plot development since Half-Life. If you can ignore a few flaws, such as linear levels and bad texturing, and make it to the extremely fun second half of the game, you'll probably find NOLF an enjoyable experience.
84 (Jun, 2009)
Still, the real fun is in the single-player missions. The characters and atmosphere create an immersive and memorable experience; the story, humor, and variety keep the game fun and interesting; and the level of choice and flexibility you have adds to the game’s replayability and helps to give it a broader appeal than most first-person shooters. All things considered, No One Lives Forever is one of the finest FPS games of its time, and—oh, I’m being shot at.
84 (Sep 27, 2001)
Over all I have to say that this game proves that a game doesn’t have to be innovative to be a lot of fun to play. It takes an established game engine and throws a few twists at it. The result? Quite a few hours of real entertainment. If Miss Archer happens to return in a sequel, I will surely be there to greet her.
WindowsGame Revolution (Dec 01, 2000)
No One Lives Forever is a seemingly standard mission-based first-person shooter. But as it turns out, some cool features and subtleties push this game above its brethren. An interesting blend of stealth gameplay mechanics and light-hearted humor and style make for an entertaining romp. And all this comes on the newest iteration of the Lithtech game engine, the same engine that gave us the superior Shogo.
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG) (Jan 03, 2003)
There’s a lot of picking at detail in this review, and it’s there for a reason. This game could have been AMAZING, but it missed by just this much. A series of mediocre control implementations, excessive focus on stealth and security cameras and occasionally sluggish performance limit the overall result, though it is still a strong game in its own right.
80 (UK) (Jan 10, 2001)
Still, although at times little more than a culmination of spy films and stereotypes over the last forty years, No One Lives Forever is an adventure and a half for the single player, and well worth investigating if you're sick of world-threatening plots and Quake-engine oddities. Thoroughly commendable.
WindowsSvenska PC Games (Jan, 2001)
Det kan gott vara så att NOLF inte når de revolutionerande höjder som Deus Ex och Thief gör, men det är ändå ett underhållande skjutaspel som kräver att du är snabb i både tanke och handling.
WindowsGamekult (Dec 05, 2000)
No One Lives Forever est un jeu délirant extrêmement varié et de longue haleine : un très bon jeu donc, original et tout, basé sur un univers rafraîchissant et parodique, mais qui est techniquement en retrait. Le LithTech a bientôt deux générations de retard en 3D et déçoit forcément ceux qui ont déjà goûté aux produits concurrents, notamment Elite Force, plus classique certes mais bien mieux réalisé. Au delà de l'aspect graphique, c'est tout le gameplay qui est influencé par ce moteur 3D d'un autre âge, malgré les quelques innovations. Dommage aussi que les cinématiques soient un peu longuettes et souvent verbeuses. Le reste est excellent et mérite largement le détour.
80 (May, 2003)
NOLF est un jeu attrayant, ne serait-ce que par son originalité et son ambiance géniale ! Seuls quelques petits défauts viennent ternir le tableau mais gageons que NOLF 2 viendra combler ces lacunes !
MacintoshAppleLinks.Com (Jan 30, 2002)
I ran through The Operative: No One Lives Forever immediately after playing Jedi Outcast, and I enjoyed NOLF much, much more. It's not necessarily that much better, but it was somehow much lighter than Jedi Outcast yet just as challenging. It didn't seem as heavy or oppressive as other first-person shooters, and I liked that freshness. I liked it to the point where I can safely say that NOLF now sits just under Deus Ex as my favorite FPS of all time. I'm looking forward to playing through it again to find what I may have missed, and I'm even more looking forward to the sequel which was recently announced by MacPlay. Yes, it means more killing, but at least NOLF will let me feel bad about it.
WindowsAdventure Classic Gaming (Feb 03, 2006)
I am the first to admit that I am a sucker for a good spy yarn, especially of the super spy variety. I have loved them as a kid and still cannot resist a James Bond film on late night television to this day. There is something wonderfully escapist about the girls, the gadgets, the explosions, and of course, the villains and their ludicrous plans to rule the world. I have also enjoyed the Austin Powers movies that poke fun at all the conventions of this genre.
WindowsGame Informer Magazine (Dec, 2000)
On the plus side, there are 18 different zones where NPCs will respond to damage inflicted, with specific recoil and death animations for each. AI is particularly impressive during a firefight as units will coordinate their attack by laying down suppressing fire for each other, or will fan out to search for you once you’ve been spotted. These, plus other delectable details should make sure this title sees its share of daylight
WindowsGry OnLine (Dec 27, 2000)
Gra ta co prawda to nie Deus Ex, ale jest równie wciągająca i pożerająca czas w ogromnych ilościach, a jednocześnie jest odpowiednikiem, porównując do świata filmu, lekkiej parodii filmu sensacyjnego jakim jest cykl przygód Jamesa Bonda, pozbawiona jest sztucznej powagi i emanuje czystym i świetnym humorem, który tym bardziej pozwala graczowi zagłębić się w jej akcję.
WindowsGame Informer Magazine (Dec, 2000)
I was really looking forward to checking this game out after seeing it at E3, but I was a little disappointed. To its credit, it's an attractive game with a fairly solid engine. Although, the frames tended hook up from time to time, even on our recently acquired gigahertz machines. I certainly wouldn't recommend it to anyone with a PC that's more than a year old. I think my major problem is that the game can't seem to decide what it wants to be. At times it's a goofy series of mini-games and somewhat humorous or interesting cutscenes. At other points it's a serious FPS spy game where stealth is key. As far as first-person shooters go, however, it's not very innovative. Many of the gadgets were really just weapons with a noncombative secondary function and the regular guns aren't too exciting. NOLF is solid, but nothing to write home about.