Orbiter Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Loading screen
Title screen
The cockpit
Orbiter configuration
Mission selection
Mission description
Control to the left and engines to the right
Some information
Ready for launch?
We've got some serious problems Houston!
Game over
Map with our position
Orbital map with our position
Cargo bay view

DOS version

a brief overview of the next mission
the orbiter control panel

Macintosh version

Space shuttle forward main station
Select phase of mission
Select type of mission
Mission objective
Acknowledging mission control for radio check
All pre-flight checks and systems ready and control wants confirmation to launch
3 2 1..... earth below us.....
We are on autopilot and computer launch program operational executing roll maneuver
Changing CRT's for progress of launch monitoring
more launch data on CRT2
Sat map of current position
Coming up on External Tank separation
In orbit and at the Aft Station cargo bay. One of the onboard computers had errors on is offline.
Orbit change for deployment of cargo
Game save
Aft Station visual cargo doors open
Activation of RMS to grab the Hubble Telescope for launch
Telescope contact and unlocking it from cargo bay
Removing telescope from cargo bay for launch
We have a FIRE!
Game over