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Order & Chaos Online is a massive multiplayer online role playing game set in the fantasy world of Haradon. Haradon consists of eight main regions and three starting zone regions. Depending on the chosen race, the player starts out in the Arcadian Forest, Tanned Land, or Mendel Village. There are five different player races available: humans, elves, orcs, undead, and mendels. When creating a character, the player chooses one of five available classes: warrior, mage, monk, ranger, or flame knight (flame knights can only be created if a level 70 character exists on the same account). The player character's skills are dependent on four primary stats: strength, stamina, agility, and wisdom, which are automatically increased as the player levels up. Leveling up is done by gaining experience, which is obtained via completing quests, killing monsters, or by using dungeon finder to queue into dungeons with a team. There are over 1300 quests available with several different quest types: killing monsters, collection/gathering, and talking or delivering messages to certain characters. In addition to experience the player also earns money and useful items by doing quests. At level 5 the player receives their first talent point which is used to strengthen or change abilities, and can be used to unlock new abilities.

The game is by default played from a third-person perspective where the the player can rotate, tilt and zoom the camera at will. A first person-perspective is possible by using maximum camera zoom. A virtual d-pad is used to navigate through the world while interaction is done by tapping at the object, character, monster etc. Combat is the most common form of interaction and there are plenty of monsters wandering around the country side or in dungeons waiting to be battled. The combat works similar to other real time RPG's. The player taps the enemy and the character will attack with the standard auto attack until the enemy is dead. Different special attacks and spells can be used and these require mana, morale, vigor, or power, depending on your class. Most combat is against AI monsters but it's also possible to fight other players in PvP zones. There is no permanent death in the game. When health reaches zero the player is resurrected at the nearest cemetery unless he chooses to spend a rune or hero emblems to quickly respawn at the place of death. After level 10, the player will lose money upon dying.

The primary currency of the game is gold, silver, and copper. By killing monsters and completing quests the player earns copper and silver pieces. One gold piece is worth 100 silver and one silver is worth 100 copper. In addition to earning gold by playing the game it is also possible to acquire it with real money. Players can purchase runes, which is the currency to buy special items from the in-app store. Runes can only be purchased with real money and can not be obtained in game. However, several special items in game can only be obtained with runes, and character progression can be greatly sped up, which has resulted in the term "p2w" or pay 2 win. Players have many ways to accrue gold in game, including using a player driven Auction House to sell items they acquire, farming monsters, completing quests and daily quests, or bartering their services to other players.

Aside from gold and runes, other types of currency exists for various purposes. Hero Emblems are obtained with daily login rewards, online bonus, free daily lottery, legendary dungeons, and several daily quests. These are used to resurrect (as an alternative to runes) to bid on items in the Black Market (a server driven Auction House), to transmogrify gear (change the appearance), and to upgrade bag and storage box slots. Arena and Honor Points are used to gain PvP points to buy PvP items and gems. Souls is another currency, that is obtained similar to Hero Emblems, and is used to buy epic dungeon equipment or miscellaneous items. Several types of Festival currency exist for each festival as well.

There are three professions in the game: tailoring (mage/monk), leatherworking (ranger) and foundry/blacksmithing (warriors, optional for flame knights). Professions are used to upgrade each class' Tier equipment and is important to have for max level players.

Other great features in Order & Chaos Online are mounts and pets. Mounts and pets can be captured in the world, bought with runes, or received in the daily free Wheel of Fortune (a type of lottery for players level 55+). Mounts will increase the player's movement speed and there are four tiers of mounts with various movement speed bonuses. Some mounts have special abilities (buff or spell) and all trappable pets offer team buffs.


Order & Chaos: Online Android Fighting a wolf
Order & Chaos: Online Android The starting location for orcs and undead
Order & Chaos: Online Android Ranger attacking a boar
Order & Chaos: Online Android At the trainer I can learn new spells

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