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The Oregon Trail Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

For many gamers, this was the first time they could give characters names... not good names... but names...
Title Screen.
Main menu.
The Oregon Top Ten.
Learning about the trail.
Choose your background.
Info on the backgrounds.
Naming my party.
Choose when to depart.
Welcome to the general store.
Choose supplies to buy.
Buying oxen.
Buying food.
Buying clothes.
Buying ammo.
Buying spare parts.
Loading the wagon.
Options on the trail.
Talking to a traveler.
Checking my supplies.
Came to a river.
Kansas River crossing.
River info.
Attempting to cross the river.
I've been robbed!
Hunting instructions.
Out hunting.
Fort Kearney.
Buying supplies at a fort.
Chimney Rock.
Fore Laramie.
Wagon axle broke.
Independence Rock.
Map of my progress.
Arrived at the South Pass.
South Pass.
A divide in the trail. Choose which way to go.
GAME OVER - We all died!

DOS version

The opening menu screen
Naming yourself and your four loyal minions
Shopping in the old west
Starting out in Missouri
It's a LONG walk to the promised land
River crossing is treacherous without help
Problems, problems, problems
Gonna shoot me some cute woodland critters
Perhaps I should have considered TWA
Naming your party (CGA Color Composite Graphics)
Advice from Matt the grocer (CGA Color Composite Graphics)
The town of Independence (CGA Color Composite Graphics)
Choices, choices... (CGA Color Composite Graphics)
Starting on the trail (CGA Color Composite Graphics)
The first of many watery obstacles (CGA Color Composite Graphics)
Fording the river, hope its not too deep (CGA Color Composite Graphics)
Summer conditions will be brutal (CGA Color Composite Graphics)
South Pass.
Do you want to trade?
Menu (CGA w/RGB Monitor)
Name screen (CGA w/RGB Monitor)
The Shop (CGA w/RGB Monitor)
The town of Independence (CGA w/RGB Monitor)
Choices, choices... (CGA w/RGB Monitor)
Starting on the trail (CGA w/RGB Monitor)
My supplies (CGA w/RGB Monitor)
Huntin' some animals (CGA w/RGB Monitor)
I've got 70 pounds of more meat now. (CGA w/RGB Monitor)
Kansas River crossing (CGA w/RGB Monitor)
Crossing the River (CGA w/RGB Monitor)
Fort Kearney (CGA w/RGB Monitor)
R.I.P. (CGA w/RGB Monitor)
Menu (CGA w/Composite Monitor)
Huntin' some animals (CGA w/Composite Monitor)
I've got 100 pounds of more meat now. (CGA w/Composite Monitor)
Do you want to trade? (CGA w/Composite Monitor)
Fort Kearney (CGA w/Composite Monitor)
Here lies Omega. (CGA w/Composite Monitor)

Macintosh version

Title screen
Welcome to Oregon Trail!
Setting things up
Before we can set off, we'll have to go to Matt's General Store to buy some things.
Starting off in Independence, Missouri.
Our quest for Oregon finally begins!
Kansas River Crossing
I've got three choices: To take the risk of attempting to ford the river, to caulk the wagon and float it, or to take a ferry for $5.00.
Crossing the river
Hunting some animals so that we can get more food without having to buy some.
I got 58 pounds of meat and used 9 bullets.
A member died. ;_;
Our entire party died. :(

Windows version

The game's title screen. The game runs in a window with many options such as save, load & help being available via the menu bar.
The start of the game, a sort of mission objective screen.
The party is already partly complete, just waiting for the player to join.
On many screens there is an 'Explain' button. This brings up a window to guide the players' choices. Here there one explains the implication of their career choice.
Equipping the party at the general store prior to departure. The cash available depends upon the players choice of career.
The journey is about to start.
The main game screen. The top window shows the oxen pulling the wagon across the plains. At night there's an animation of a campfire. The journal builds up as the 'days' pass.
The game is full of incidents. These pop up in small windows like this that overwrite the central part of the game screen.
This is the game screen after the bullet stealing incident, note the journal has been updated.
There are many rivers to cross. The size and depth vary.
There are various ways of crossing the rivers. Get it wrong and it could cost a wagon, goods and even a party member.
Each river crossing comes with an animation.
At any point during the day the party can stop and hunt. The cursor turns into cross hairs allowing game to be shot with a mouse click.
The first fort has been reached.
Past the first fort and the going gets tough. The land here is barren and every day there's a picture of starving oxen. On top of that Ezra has broken a leg.

Windows 3.x version

Main Menu
Legends Menu
Welcome to the Oregon Trail!