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Don Juan Screenshots (Oric)

User Screenshots

Oric version

Title Screen
Publisher's info
Loading Screen
Instructions (page 1)
Instructions (page 2)
Select difficulty level
Select the girl
Starting to play (a dynamic redhead)
Girl is crying because her dog was eaten (a dynamic redhead)
Select a conversation topic (a dynamic redhead)
The girl is angry (a dynamic redhead)
Acne attack (a dynamic redhead)
She is not that sort (a mysterious brunette)
The girl is glad (a mysterious brunette)
Selecting a place for a trip (a mysterious brunette)
Your smile opened her eyes (a night-loving brunette)
She's crying because she lost her job (a night-loving brunette)
Helping with acne (a night-loving brunette)
Selecting a place to invite (a night-loving brunette)
Charm is working (a volcanic brunette)
She's crying because of tooth-ache (a volcanic brunette)
Acme attack (a volcanic brunette)
Smiling to each other (a voluptuous blonde)
Stop her crying (a voluptuous blonde)
You are progressing (a voluptuous blonde)
Rival is depressed (a voluptuous blonde)
Rival has taken your girl (a voluptuous blonde)
Statistics (start)
Statistics (end)
Do you wanna play again?