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Ork Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen. The only part of the game with music.
The impressive "rotating" text routine makes the credits hard to read.
I just love these loading screens
Our hero, Ku-Kabul looks suspiciously like an evil red chicken
All the enemies in Ork are very well animated
Hmm, this guy looks like he wants something!
The very first boss! You better get used to fighting these.
Another lovely loading screen
Computer terminals have many functions, including a user-unfriendly save and load features
The giant alien behind Ku-Kabul is nothing but a statue. Bummer.
Did something die around here?!
Nice doggie!
Computer terminals can give you a zoomed out view of your surroundings.
Level 3 loading screen
Level 3 looks all nice and organic
I don't have to take crap from no wall fixture!
Some nice-looking killer bees.
There's acid.. and dragons... trippy!
That's one big boss!
I bet if Samus was here, that statue would've come to life!
Oh, no! The Lemmings are coming!
Level 4 loading screen
This world contains lots and lots of instant death well as a rather deadly sub-world!
See? Told ya!
Continue? Note that the game never actually tells you how many continues you actually have.
More funeral

Atari ST version

Roger Dean was here.
Things aren't all a-scrolling like in the Amiga version.
A pretty loading screen.
It's almost like playing the Amiga version with the red RGB cable cut.
Nicely animated pole-crawling thingies.
Most boss battles are pretty straight-forward.
Place the gold under the sign to proceed to the next level.
Wheee! And another pretty loading screen!
I just love all the random dead things you can find while playing this game.
In Soviet Russia the dog shoots YOU!
Awesome level architecture galore!
This used to be a level boss... before it lost its head.
More pretty loading screens.
That ceiling tube dispenses nastiness by the bucket-load!
Almost too much going on here! Thankfully Ku-Kabul is not a one-hit wonder.
Some killer Bees, yo!
Thank you weird craw-thing!
This giant ant-thing could chase the player around. Alas, it just sits there.
These graphics never get any less impressive. Ever.
Unlike the Amiga version Lemmings here DO hit the ground!
Almost there!
World 3's level-end gate.
Welcome to the next level.
World 4, where things get deadlier by an order of magnitude.
Behold the wrath of this pissed-off shroom elf.
Another weird creature/mini-boss!
Moments like this is why I love old Psygnosis games.
All that headache for 3 bloody coins?!
Dobby KILL!
..and this, unfortunately is as far as the Fuzion release will let you play.
Go ahead, continue...
On other hand, if you get any other release of the game level 5 loads just fine
You will be assaulted by a large numbers of seriously vicious enemies. well as some serious slow-down
..and handicapped apes..
Continuing the tradition from stage 4, this level also has a sub-world!
Here our hero faces a venom-spitting, Nazi-helmet-wearing, armor-plated skeletal monkey.
In Ork, this is the closest thing to an end-boss you will get
Ku-Kabul knows how to make an impressive exit...