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Other Worlds Credits

39 people


Game Concept and DesignAlkis Polyrakis
Script ProgrammingAlkis Polyrakis
GraphicsAlkis Polyrakis
MusicAccord, Adamski, Audiomonster, Brimble, Bruno, Chris J. Whitney, Deelite, Doh, Glyph, Gorgon Tree, Immortal Bards, Joerg Rupp, Moohead, Olivier Gonneau, Scorpik, Sean McLean, Sebastian Rice, Silize, Stian Str, Storm, Strobo
Beta Testing and IdeasNatalia Andrianou, Pantelis Kekatos, Roula Laina, Trina Borras, Len Green, Antonis Trikas, Diana Sluyter, Bob Roseman, Panayotis Pantazis, Valerie Davis, Apostolis Terlis, Fotini Kondouli, Alexandros Kelaiditis, Eva Forsom, Agustín Cordes, Harold Van Der Waay
This game was created using Adventure Game Studio byChris Jones

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