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Outlaw Golf Screenshots

User Screenshots

GameCube version

Harley is a woman whose caddy you wouldn't wanna be when she loses a match
Opening video displays just what kinda players compete in this golf game, rather exotic selection
Main Title
Main Menu
Select your golfers
Upgrade your player's skills or try out at the tournament
Loading screen is always there to remind you about the controls
Summer playing some mini-games to upgrade her skills
You can see the line of your hit with a given power, but only three times per turn
Ice Trey hoping to hit the truck on the bridge
Before you take a hit, you can see how far will your ball go if you hit it with full strength
You can beat up your caddy to boost up the morale
Ice Trey is taking hard the lost round
As the spectator would say, dumb luck again proves to be better than the skill of a player
Nope, this ain't no meteor, it's a mere golf ball entering the hemisphere
You can always see where the ball went just by looking at the pale faces of the audience, just try not to hit any (yup, that too is possible if accurate enough in your inaccuracy)
Now this is called having a really bad day
Yikes, she landed on to the sand pit, there goes up the nervousness level
Sometimes it's better to aim to get close to the hole rather then trying to score
Now that's what I call a strike, gimme five!
Harley is checking out the rocky terrain and stretches some muscles to warm up
And there goes an excellent strike, and the ball is launched screaming
Come to think of it, they must've mistaken golf ball for a UFO back then in Roswell

PlayStation 2 version

The game starts with a series of short animations showing each of the characters. Mistress Suki here is one of the characters that needs to be unlocked before she can be played with
The game's title screen
The main menu. Just three options, Play a Challenge match, Play a Tour, or configure the game
These are the game configuration options. They've hidden the game's tutorials on here too
There are nine tutorials in all and they are not interactive. The animated sequences with their comic narrative do the job well enough though
There are many types of Challenge Match game, stroke play, Match, Skins, Best Ball, Scramble, My one And Only - the course is played with a putter and one other club, Casino and Time Attack
The character selection screen. Just as Batman has Robin as his sidekick so each golfer has a caddy. Here Summer is the golfer and Autumn is the caddy. Most characters are locked.
After character selection & club selection the player gets to select the course to play on. All three courses are available from the start
while the game loads the player is shown the basic controls. There are other controls, such as the camera controls, that are not shown here
Before the match starts each player limbers up. Summer's routine is different to most other players. The background looks blurred in a screenshot but not during gameplay
Summer prepares to address the ball. The player can zoom to the end of the flight line to see where the ball is predicted to land
Summer prepares to address the ball. The player has zoomed to the end of the flight line to see where the ball is predicted to land
A feature of the game is the fights. These can be triggered by pressing triangle and the more beatdown tokens won the 'better' the action. stopping in the HIT HERE zone cancels
At various holes and for no apparent reason the game awards beating Tokens. The golfer here is Harley.
After each shot the player gets to see how the player feels about it.
This looked good when in motion, it's Harley beating up her caddy.

Windows version

Intro players introduction
Harley in action
Title screen
Game mode
Play style
Setting the players
Character selection
Equipment selection
Course selection
Loading tips
Hole introduction
Stretching warm up
Course camera overview
Initial strike
Ball in flight
Water hazard
Character reaction
Through the lake
Tour events selection
Power shot
Out of bounds
Setting the target point
High camera view
Ball lie
Straight to the hall
Hole scored
Celebrating the finish
Looking for a ball
Results table
El Diablo course
Landscape view
Flying next to a cactus
Bad luck this time
Putting the ball
Zoom out camera
Selecting the target spot
View of the assistant
Joy of the audience
Getting real close
Evaluating chances
That's no luck
Player reaction
Have You seen this?
Setting the spin
Track on target
Silver power shot