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OutRun Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Stage 1
High Scores
After each stage, you get more time.
Stage 2
Traffic accident
Stage 3
Nice sunset in stage 4
It's getting dark
Course map

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen.
Main menu.
Starting out trip...
Watch the traffic...
The VW Beetle is no match to our Ferrari
At the end of every stage, the road forks...
...taking us to new scenarios.
After beating another stage...
...we arrive to one of the most emblematic stages of the game.
About to have a close Beetle encounter of the 3rd kind.
Entering our score.

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Choose the Music.
Let's Go.
Overtake the Truck.
Left or Right?
Stage Two.
In a canyon. Often cars would occupy all lanes making it hard to overtake safely
Course map
High score table

Atari ST version

Title screen
Approaching a turn...
A crash
The course map
The high score table

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Choose a soundtrack
Beginning a race
A race in progress
Careful on this turn!
Racing on stage 2
Title screen (US Release)
Please turn the disk over! (US Release)
Course map - choose a course. (US Release)
Starting the race! (US Release)
A spectacular crash! (US Release)
Your girlfriend isn't happy that you crashed the car! (US Release)
Stage 2 (US Release)
Game over! (US Release)
High score table (US Release)

DOS version

Loading program (EGA/Tandy)
Title Screen (EGA/Tandy)
Music selection (EGA/Tandy)
Starting line (EGA/Tandy)
Racing (EGA/Tandy)
Racing (EGA/Tandy)
Stage 1 (EGA/Tandy)
Stage 1 crash (EGA/Tandy)
Crashed scene 1 (Stage 1) (EGA/Tandy)
Begin Stage 2 (Extended Play!) (EGA/Tandy)
Begin Stage 3 (Extended Play!) (EGA/Tandy)
Crashed scene 2 (Stage 3) (EGA/Tandy)
Begin Stage 4 (Extended Play!) (EGA/Tandy)
Begin Stage 5 (Extended Play!) (EGA/Tandy)
Goal! (EGA/Tandy)
Course Map (EGA/Tandy)
Enter Score (EGA/Tandy)
Exit to DOS? (EGA/Tandy)
Loading program (CGA)
Title Screen (CGA)
Music selection (CGA)
Start line (CGA)
Small crash (CGA)
Begin Stage 2 (Extended Play!) (CGA)
Crashed scene 1 (CGA)
Begin Stage 3 (Extended Play!) (CGA)
Begin Stage 4 (Extended Play!) (CGA)
Crashed scene 2 (CGA)
Course Map (CGA)
Enter Score (CGA)

Game Gear version

I Lost
Main Menu
The big choice
Veering left
Preparing for a right turn
Picking up speed
Lakeside drive
Fast Left turn
Hitting a tree

Genesis version

title screen
starting point
nice scenery accompanies the cruise
so long as the roads are wide, the bends are easy
narrow roads are hard to drive on
course map
Watch out! Flying car!
Change road
A fork in the road, you need to quickly choose the next track
Desert scenery
Driving under some stone structures
Depending on where you arrive to, you get different ending sequences
Cloudy area

MSX version

Title screen
Let's go!
Full speed
Time is up.
Course Map
MSX1 version: Loading screen
MSX1 version: Credits
MSX1 version: Stage 1
Stage 2!

SEGA Master System version

Turning left
Game Over
Course Map
Car Coming
Title Screen
High Score
Passing Breeze

SEGA Saturn version

Sega Ages Logo
Select music

TurboGrafx-16 version

Choose your tune
Prepare to race
Approaching a crowd
A sign tells you to steer left
Spinning out of control
Crashed into a tree
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5
About to run out of time
Course Map
Best Outrunners

ZX Spectrum version

Tape jockey looking for the correct session
Finally locate the right session
Main menu
Controls screen
Skill levels
Game start - Burning some rubber!
Gentle rolling hills
Left turn 190kmh
Right turn 193kmh
First sign of traffic and buildings
Traffic is increasing
Uh oh.... traffic on a curve at 196kmh
Spin-out from traffic
Stomp the gas only 22 seconds left
Not going to make second stage - more traffic
High score runs allow 3 letter posts

Official Screenshots

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