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PGNx Media (May 09, 2006)
Over the Hedge manages to play off the system’s strengths very well. The mixture of action, stealth, and minigames will keep your attention for the game’s direction. The solid gameplay is made better because of the excellent presentation. The visuals are remarkably similar and the audio surprises you. A fine additional to your handheld library.
IGN (May 05, 2006)
If you put Solid Snake, the Prince of Persia and Lara Croft in a raccoon, turtle, and squirrel suit, you'd get the Nintendo DS version of Over the Hedge. For a game that's based upon what's assumed is a kid's license is a surprisingly impressive and fulfilling action adventure that's not the standard fare for the dual-screen handheld. It also pushes some clever Nintendo DS functionality and looks really great on the handheld. The license is sure to scare people away, but let it be said: if you're a true gamer, give these little furry guys a spin on the portable.
DS-x2 (Aug 10, 2006)
It's fair to say that most movie tie-in titles aren't that entertaining and the majority of these take the classic platformer as their template. Clearly aware of the pitfalls of this genre, Vicarious Visions have taken Over the Hedge for the DS in a very different direction and the co-operative puzzler with stealth elements makes for a thoroughly entertaining romp around 'the burbs'. It's not without its problems of course, but small oversights such as not being able to look up or down don't detract from what maybe one of the best movie tie-in titles of the year. It short, don't be put off the fact that this is meant to be aimed towards the younger gamer. It challenging, rewarding and a visual treat and belongs in every DS owner’s collection.
80 (Apr 08, 2007)
Viele Mängel findet man in diesem Lizenzspiel wirklich nicht. "Ab durch die Hecke" bietet unterhaltsamen Spaß, besonders für jüngere Fans des Films, den man aber trotzdem nicht gesehen haben muss, um die Handlung nachvollziehen zu können. Das größte Manko findet sich in der kurzen Spielzeit der Story. Und das Item kaufen und Essen stehlen nach der Story kann nicht sonderlich motivieren. Während der Story bleibt es, trotz dem sich ähnelnden Muster in jeder Mission, unterhaltsam. In jedem Fall finden Käufer hier eine der besseren Filmumsetzungen.
Deeko (May 27, 2006)
On the whole, Over the Hedge really surprised me. The game is very competent and offers up a fairly meaty single player experience. Taking cues from Metal Gear Solid and Prince of Persia, Over the Hedge is a well designed adventure that requires patience and planning. As a multiplayer game, it leaves something to be desired, but it is a fantastic movie licensed title that is high on gameplay, graphics and sound. And while the camera may not move, the whole game remains blissfully fun. It's not perfect, but it's one of those few games that just comes out of nowhere and scores.
ZTGameDomain (Jun 07, 2006)
While most DS owners will pass this over with the idea that movie licensed games suck, I would easily recommend this title to anyone who owns a DS. The developer obviously took the time to craft a unique and fun game play experience that can be enjoyed by just about anyone. Forget the fact that it is based on a family-friendly movie license and you may even end up enjoying this amazingly addictive title that makes great use of the DS’ capabilities. Don’t let the movie license deter you from this stellar title, as you may end up missing out on one of the more impressive DS titles released this year.
Game Chronicles (May 31, 2006)
As one of the few genuinely impressive movie-to-game conversions, Over the Hedge smacks of the old PlayStation and N64 Toy Story adventure games of yore – with top-notch presentation, killer graphics and solid gameplay throughout. All said, Over the Hedge may not necessarily offer anything new to the genre, but it is definitely a solid game and a real tribute to the film.
Nintendojo (Jun 16, 2006)
Over The Hedge serves quite well as a light-hearted stealth action game. It’s not enough to make you forget that there’s no Metal Gear on DS, but it does boast a somewhat new use of the system’s features, and for a portable game based on a family movie property, exceeds all expectations.
Game Vortex (Jun 02, 2006)
So is Over the Hedge a good game? Should you buy it? It is one of the better movie-license games to come out in a long time and people looking for a new title on their DS should check this one out -- if you like 3D platformers, that is.
Cheat Code Central (Jun 30, 2006)
Even if you haven't seen the movie, give Over the Hedge a chance. It's not just for kids. It's loaded with variety and will engage your mind, not just your reflexes. At the very least give it a rent.
77 (Jul 07, 2006)
Over the Hedge is ultimately a winner. Yeah, no need for needless banter here. What the games does is present a unique game that succeeds in pushing the Nintendo DS hardware to new plateaus. Everything runs at a smooth 30 frames per second, and the gameplay takes what we love about platform games and Metal Gear, and meshes them into one design, and best of all it works great. There are a few areas that I find fault with, but maybe the reason I am so adamant about them is because the game is so close to being one of the best non-Nintendo designed games released so far. Over the Hedge is a wonderful diversion, but I would suggest testing the hedge before you commit to a purchase.
NintendoWorldReport (Jun 12, 2006)
All in all, Vicarious Visions has created a very generic 3D platformer that just traverses old territory. Even for a children’s game, Over the Hedge completely lacks challenge, subtlety, and length. The game does show signs of high production values, as evidenced by the lovely graphics, convincing voice-acting, and clever use of the two screens. However, those elements just prevent the game from being downright poor.
60 (Jul 11, 2006)
Pas vraiment le jeu du mois, c'est certain, Nos Voisins Les Hommes sort quand même du bois le coeur léger. Jouable, intelligent dans la mise en place de son gameplay, assez joli, il aurait pu décrocher une place dans le monde des humains. Malheureusement, des défauts de construction et une certaine lassitude l'empêche de se montrer convaincant jusqu'au bout des pattes. Pourtant, pour de jeunes joueurs désireux de trouver un petit jeu digne d'intérêt, il peut être une bonne alternative.
Gaming Nexus (Jun 13, 2006)
There are a few more dings in the solo experience as well. The individual rooms and areas have solid design, but the structures and puzzles within them tend to repeat too often. Objectives could have used some more variety, besides the tired “go get this item” directive. The concepts behind the gameplay aren’t exactly original, but their use and execution makes up for any stolen ideas. What the developers have done is unexpected: they’ve taken an excuse to make a truly forgettable game, and instead produced a quality product that keeps the player playing, and occasionally makes them laugh as well.
GameSpot (Jun 05, 2006)
Over the Hedge for the Nintendo DS is one of those games that shows a great deal of promise when you first load it up, but doesn't deliver on that potential. Although the individual aspects--the 3D engine, the highly interactive environments, the stealth gameplay--are well designed, they never come together the way they should. The end result is a piece of software that feels less like a video game and more like cleaning your room.
Nintendo Spin (Mar 14, 2007)
Over the Hedge is nothing special. Don't let the amazing graphics deceive you (as I'm sure they will). This game is more tedious than it is fun. What could have been an awesome game of exploration and hide and seek is made average by clunky Tomb Raider controls, uninteresting puzzles, and obstacles that annoy instead of presenting a challenge. If you need a fix of stealth and action, this is not it.