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Pac 2000 Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen.
Main Menu.
The Five Missions.
Mission 1.
Mission 2.
Mission 3.
Upss... Our Pac-Man is broken.... Game Over!
The game gets progressively more difficult - after stage 3 with two power pills instead of four, there's stage 4 with NO power pills...
After several attempts I finally made it to stage 5! Probably, as in "CD-Man", the game can't be completed, only continued until the player loses all lives - after stage 5 it's back to stage 1.
In fact there are several failure screens. They seem to loosely correspond to level appearance (therefore I suspect there should be a fifth one), but also to be random...
...that is, the level on which you lose doesn't influence which failure screen you get.