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Advertising Blurbs - Wii U (US):
    Take control of Pac-Man on his home island of Pac-Land and try to help a lost fairy home! Your journey will take you through towns, over rugged mountains, across dangerous ravines and deserts. To make matters worse, the ghosts of Pac-Land will stop at nothing to stand in your way. Once the fairy is safely returned home at the end of the third round of each trip, race back home to clear the round and proceed to the next! There are a total of four trips. Can you complete this fantastical rescue mission and make it back home just in time for dinner?

    Contributed by Harmony♡ (20670) on Jul 27, 2016.

Print advertisement - Power Play 1:


    Erhältlich für Commodore 64, Schneider CPC, Amiga und Atari ST.

    Pac, der unglaubliche Coin-Op-Held, erscheint wieder auf dem Bildschirm. Der mutigste Geisterjäger der Welt muß eine verirrte Fee auf ihrem Weg ins Märchenland begleiten, aber nicht mal in der Wüste ist er vor seinen Feinden sicher… Der absolute Arcade-Spaß!

    Grauimporte enthalten keine deutsche Anleitungen. Überzeugen Sie sich beim Händler, ob diese enthalten sind.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (248943) on Aug 05, 2011.

Crash! magazine:
    Pac's Back!

    Pac - the world most famous computer character is back. There are many imitations but only one original Pac-Land. This superb conversion of the internationally-famous coin-op is not to be missed.

    Contributed by Martin Smith (67943) on Oct 27, 2004.