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Pac-Land Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Round 1
Get power pellets to make ghosts turn blue
An arrow tells you to head right
Knocked unconscious
Round complete
Round 2
Beware the jumping ghost
Round 3
The bridge is about to collapse
A ghost in a bi-plane drops a mini-ghost
Pac decides to take a dip in the lake

Amstrad CPC version

Bird's eye view of Pac-Land
Get ready
Round 1
Pac-Man got hit by a vehicle
Watch out for the tiny ghosts falling down
A purple ghost that Pac-Man can eat
Let's take a break. Pac-Man deserves it
Round 2
Walking through a forest
Walking on a moving platform
Pac-Man approaches a lake
Professor Pac and Baby Pac-Man greet Pac-Man outside their home
Round 5
Outside the town's church
That lake has ice on it
Round 7
About to go through the door
Round 8

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Select a trip number.
Off we go.
Keep ahead of the ghost.
Jumping obstacles.
Hitching a ride.
Avoid the cars.
Keep going.
Dodge the falling ghosts.
Got me before I got the Power Pill.
Got the Power Pill, eat the ghosts.
Break Time.
Cactus to jump. Collect fruit.
Avoid them.
Trip 2.
Getting more hectic.

Atari ST version

Loading screen
The title screen
At the start of the first level
I got hit by a ghost driving a car...
At the end of the first level
Level two: a trip through the woods
Level three: mountains and tricky jumps

Commodore 64 version

Round 1
Get fruit for points
A ghost riding a car is about to drive over Pac's butt
Get the power pellet to make ghosts turn blue
Pac is dead
It's break time...
Round 2
Venturing through the forest
Round 3
Pac decides to take a dip in the lake
Round 4
Jumping in the air
Say hello to Pac's family

Lynx version

Title screen
Select a trip? Never trust a pill-eater.
Watch out for ghosts in cars
Hit by a mini ghost
Eat a power pill, then eat the locals
Break time
This time, they come on flying mats
A nice jog in the woods
Trip number three begins with some hill climbing
All that remains is Pacman's hat
Game over

MSX version

Loading screen
Title screen
Starting out
Killed by a ghost
Going to town
Watch out for the airplane
Break time
Game over

NES version

Round 1
Get fruit for points
About to collide with a bi-plane
A ghost riding a bi-plane drops mini-ghosts
Round complete
Round 2
Oh no! The bridge is about to collapse
Now entering Fairy Land...
Pac returns to his house
Hitching a ride with a ghost
Pac decides to take a dip in the lake
Flying over the lake

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Second title screen, similar to the arcade one
Configuration screen
Game start
Ghost ahead
Ghosts also try to stop me from above

TurboGrafx-16 version

Title Screen (US Version)
Coming down the mountain
I've encountered a magical place.
You can stand on ghosts
Returning home
Later levels bring different colors.
Round 1
Power Pellet
Break Time
Tiny Cacti
Forest Trail
Hover Logs
The springboard allows you to jump over the pool

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Title screen
I hope my 71 credits will last for a while.
Pacman begins his journey.
Managed to reach the right edge without getting caught by the ghost.
The first round takes place in a town.
Didn't see that one coming!
End of the level. Pac should take a longer break here.
If you collect a pill, Pacman can jump much higher and the ghosts are edible, of course.

Official Screenshots

  • Pac-Land Screenshot
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  • Pac-Land Screenshot
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  • Pac-Land Screenshot
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