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The Pagemaster Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy version

Title screen
Title screen (Super Game Boy)
Main menu
First up: Horror World
The map
Starting a level in Horror World. Scary.
I must avoid the bat.Or stomp it.
I guess some books are bad for you.
Starting a different Horror World level.
I lost all my lives. Continue?
I found a library card. Wow!
After I finished that level, I enter a bonus game.
On to another level.
I lost all my lives and didn't continue. Game over.

Genesis version

Title screen.
"Horror World" intro screen.
Map view.
Playing level 1
Avoid the chemicals dropping down from the bursted glasses.
Stomping hand
Get the library pass!

SNES version

Game Continue Screen
Swinging in the rafters.
Horror world intro screen.
Mission Select screen.
Spooky, the horror world.
Scary, and rather large CHAIRS!
Title screen / Main menu.