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Critic Reviews

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ArcadeYour Sinclair (Dec, 1990)
Once you've learned these special bonus thingies, Palamedes becomes very addictive, and playing against a chum simultaneously adds another perspective.
NESGamesCollection (Nov 14, 2012)
Palamedes è un puzzle game molto interessante e che merita la vostra attenzione. Regalerà sicuramente tante ore di divertimento sia da soli ma soprattutto con amici. Il gioco poteva avere sicuramente qualche modalità in più, ma soprattutto la possibilità di poter affrontare il torneo anche a due giocatori; invece non è possibile ed è un vero peccato, come già ribadito nella recensione. Tuttavia non saranno queste piccolezze a rovinare il titolo in questione; diciamo solo che non avrebbero guastato. Da provare!
75 (Jan, 2013)
At first, it seems Palamedes will have the last laugh, but behold! There is more to this tale of myths and gambling! As you get rid of dice, they will appear on the bottom of your screen. Get more than three dice of the same number and color, press ‘Down’ on the D-pad, and obliterate a full line of dice. The more dice you get of the same number and color in your “reserve bar,” the more lines you’ll be able to destroy. This opens up the game and makes it the enjoyable experience it is. Two-player mode is available, as are five gradually more intense levels of play. Palamedes is waiting: will you heed the call?!
Game BoyPower Play (Jan, 1990)
Nach anfänglicher Verwirrung entpuppt sich “Palamedes“ als eigenständiges, gutes Geschicklichkeitsspiel, das mit Taktik und flinken Fingern zu meistern Ist.
Game BoyGénération 4 (Dec, 1990)
L'un des boutons sert à lancer les dés, et l'autre à changer le numéro qui se trouve sur ceux-ci. Le jeu aurait pu être une complète réussite s'il n'avait été si difficile dès le début. Enfin, les fans de ce genre de jeu apprécieront le challenge.
Palamedes is a different type of puzzle game that involves as much eye-hand coordination as it does thinking skills. One-on-one play is the best, but it stands well on its own. It's not in the same class as Tetris, but Palamedes isn't bad at all.
This creative take on puzzlers stands out, but the difficult to learn rules and even more difficult gameplay may turn away a number of players, although it may be rewarding to some.
Game BoyVideo Games (Feb, 1993)
Das Tetris-inspirierte Spielprinzip ist halbwegs originell und kann einige Zeit motivieren. Anders als Konamis Quarth wird Palamedes allerdings bald langweilig. Abwechslung gibt‘s keine; lediglich Duelle mit einem menschlichen Partner bringen das Adrenalin langfristig in Schwung. Absolute Freaks von Modulen dieser Art dürfen zugreifen; Normal-Gambler nicht.
NESThe Game Hoard (Nov 23, 2018)
It’s important to stress that Palamedes doesn’t fail as a matching-based puzzler, its problem just seems to be setting up a proper challenge for someone who understands its mechanics. To make its matching method work it has to put out some easy-to-identify set-ups front and center because blasting a single block that doesn’t work in your straight or match will pollute your bar. Therefore, even when up against competent opponents or in single player’s late levels, the only real increase in difficulty comes from the speed of dropping blocks rather than the way the dice are arranged. You’ll need to be quick and observant of course, but it doesn’t put the proper level of pressure on the player to make the matching truly energetic and involved. Palamedes’s functional foundation just doesn’t have the strength to make the unique dice matching concept excel.
Game BoyTotal! (Germany) (Oct, 1994)
Die einzige Aufregung kommt dank der etwas nervigen Bedienung zustande: Da Ihr die Zahlen nur in einer Richtung verändern könnt, solltet Ihr Euch keinen Fehler erlauben denn Ihr habt so gut wie keine Chance, ihn wieder auszugleichen. Insgesamt ist dieses Game nur etwas für Leute mit flinkem Finger und guten Nerven und mit Sicherheit kein Muß: Es geht halt nichts über das gute alte Tetris...