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Advertising Blurbs

Handango Product Page:
    Flipdis is the new, award-winning game from IG Ltd. The most hyper addictive, fruit-flipping festival of fun, ever to grace the screen of your Palm!

    Flipdis is a fast paced, addictive puzzle game. The objective is to clear the level within the time limit. You will see that each level shows a board with a grid of mixed fruit, Strawberries and Limes. You must clear the level by making sure only 1 fruit type is shown (either Strawberries OR Limes, the choice is yours!). To change the fruit you need to flip them by placing the different Flip block shaped pieces that get dispensed.

    Sounds easy? Well with over 100 levels which increase in size and difficulty, and an absolutely insane plethora of block shapes to discover. Things are about to get seriously fruity.

    Are you ready to Flip?

    • Fantastic Fruity Graphics and Animation, in Greyscale or Glorious Colour (where supported).
    • Full game features over 100+ fresh levels of fruit filled mayhem!
    • Two modes of hyper addictive game play:
    • Easy - Just watch the clock and flip as fast you can
    • Hard - Play fast and smart, if your points are rotten it's game over!
    • High Score table.
    • Instructions.
    • Auto Save feature, lets you leave Flipdis and then pick up where you left off.
    • Fruit Rankings, find out if you're the Top Banana or just a Big Plum!
    • Sound FX and volume control (handy for a sneaky go at your desk).
    • 3 Control modes, play with just keys, stylus or a mix of both.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76375) on Apr 18, 2011.