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SimCity Screenshots (Palm OS)

User Screenshots

Palm OS version

Starting a new city
Starting out on an empty map
Choose what to build
Building some shops, away from the polluting industry
Building some housing and shops near the sea
Set tax rate
People start moving in in the new neighbourhood
Reached town status
A crime wave at hand
Building a police station to stop the crime
Reached city status
The city is growing
Building an industrial zone and a new power plant to feed it
Population density map
Ten-year graphs
The game starts with a simple tutorial
(colour) Building a new city
(colour) The people's opinion
(colour) Your city grows to town status
(colour) Map of population growth
(colour) An earthquake strikes, damaging some of the housing
(colour) City development over a ten year period
(colour) Your town has grown to a full sized city
(colour) Traffic is out of control
(colour) Map overview of traffic
(colour) A tornado strikes
(colour) The new stadium
(colour) You can save several cities, and even beam them via infrared to other units