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Pan: Escape to Neverland Screenshots

User Screenshots

Android version

Main menu (Dutch version)
Explanation of the controls, different for each level
The pirate ship in the air
A plane goes down, shown through a zoomed view.
The cross-hair turns red when it is lined up for destruction.
A level where you control the ship flying through the air.
Collect coins and fire at planes.
Another hit, but now with a machine gun-like cannon
Sniper cannon
Collect coins.
Flying under a bridge.
A scene from the movie trailer
The bonus level with Peter Pan
Game completed
The location where you man the cannon.
A much more powerful plane in the game's second cycle.
More planes going down.
Level completion and upgrade screen
A zeppelin shooting powerful rockets.
Game Over

Browser version

Main menu
Explanation of the controls
The pirate ship floating in the air.
Ready for a hit
There are also power-ups you can shoot.
Level result and upgrade screen