Panzer Grenadier Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Options / Scenarios
Difficulty levels
Input selection
Game start
Objective is to take and hold all three bridge crossings in 12 turns
Starting to encounter enemy fire
Moving troops into 3 groups advancing on each bridge
Turn 3 and we have reached bridge center and bridge right
At this early stage our victory level is normal and we continue to move on our last bridge left
Each turn allows for progress save
Half way mark and we have all 3 bridges and victory level changes. Now getting ready for counter attacks
Counter attack is mainly on bridge center. They have disrupted one of our Panzer units. Troops in red are digging in for fighting.
Continue to push back counter attack and continue to have our units digging in for cover.
Victory level moving up as we still control all bridges and finish off the counter attack.
Game over - Major victory the highest level

Atari 8-bit version

Select scenarios - Bridges over the Lutschessa
Difficulty level
Game speed
We must move quickly to take and hold all three (3) bridges
Separating forces for each bridge head - already taking fire from center and right
Turn 1 of 12 complete with no victory points for either side
Turn 2 shows all three bridges and providing long range artillery to soften targets
No victory points yet. Running into pockets of scattered Russian forces as units assault bridges
Making first push for bridge center
Bridge right captured and retreating forces on center with Panzers almost to road heading for bridge left
Turn 5 and we have bridge center and right with Panzers almost in position to take bridge left
Bridge left captured but with our smallest force. Russian counter attack is building. Victory points show a good 3 to 1 ratio at half way point
All three (3) bridges held and digging in to fight counter attacks from Russian forces and victory points show the outcome
Turn 9 using artillery and mortars to push back Russian counter attacks
Turn 10 bridge center and right secure with counter attack in retreat
Game completes with a Major victory all bridges held by German forces

Commodore 64 version

Loading screen
Credits screen
Title and loading screen
Main menu
Select your difficulty level.
Set the game speed to fast or slow.
Starting Bridges Over the Lutschessa. This is where I can observe the enemy forces.
I told a unit to dig in.
I am firing. I need to select my target.
I am on the move.
The enemy is firing.
I am firing again.
That doesn't sound promising.