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Paperboy 2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Starting the game

DOS version

Install program disk
Mindscape Presents
Select Player
Monday Player 1
Start Game
Paperboy Fired!
I don't think they want a paper
Some stunts
Yes! I didn't threw that one through a window...
The Top Ten
Start Game (EGA)
Playing Game (EGA)

Game Boy version

Title screen.

Game Gear version

Title screen
Chosing player and route
Monday route on E Street
Starting out in a quiet neighbourhood
Watch out for the jogger
Ooer, a perspective change!
Doing a trick jump
Falling off the bike
She doesn't look like God's little lamb
Amazing top five

Genesis version

Title screen
Choose between paperboy and papergirl: they have equal abilities
Overview of the deliveries
There's much more freedom compared to the first game,
The streets are still flooded with useless junk.
Guess why paperboy always crashes in this area.
I guess Mr Neighbour will know what to roast next after that jeep has run over me.
The obstacle course at the end of the level
Live up to the expectations or get fired!
Highscores screen

NES version

Title screen
Main menu
Beginning the course...
Your mission
The dog doesn't seem happy to see me
Running over people with a bicycle is not nice
A strange house with two gargoyles shooting at me. I shoot right back
I'm trying to throw the newspaper while balancing on the bike. Not an easy task
Crashed while crossing the street
That's the result...
High scores
I always wanted to see what exactly people were doing under their cars
Hey, where are ya goin'?! Let's play some ball!
Overrun by a car
Somebody is trying to hit me with tires
This is certainly a nice house...
Ooooh, baby! Sorry, I don't have time for you now, gotta finish capturing Paperboy 2 screenshots for MobyGames!
I'm so hungry, and this roasted chicken is HUGE
A new torture awaits me...
You can jump over those white things
Who put those things on my way?!
This is the death animation when the poor paperboy tries to ascend the stairs on his bike
Finish... ready for the next torture?

SNES version

Title screen.
Paperboy or Papergirl?
Easy Street
Daily Headline
Deliver the papers
Aww, old couple on a swing
Knocked down
Throwing a paper
Papers to collect
Basketball game being played
Knock out the robber
Jump the gap
Wooden fort
Start of the obstacle course
Hit the targets
Approaching a jump
Flying through the air
Cancelled subscriptions

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Title screen
Gender bending
Control selection
Read about the things that happen throughout the world
Don't throw papers at everyone
On the road
That bus ran me over
Kerb-crawling, but not in the conventional sense