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atari mania

Paperboy Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title Screen
Difficulty Selection Menu
Somebody's poodle is going to get squashed if it takes another step
It's early in the morning, and Paperboy has already delivered his first newspaper
Paperboy gets run over by a lawnmower
Now here's a front page story: "Paperboy knocks man dead with newspaper"
Warning: Tripping over a wheelbarrow in the middle of a footpath can be hazardous to your health
Paperboy should avoid cars
Paperboy takes on the obstacle course
But too bad that Paperboy ran out of time
A daily report on Paperboy's progress
Paperboy breaks a window of a nearby house
Paperboy has another go at the obstacle course
This time he wins
Paperboy makes a perfect delivery
"Watch where you're going, you stupid git!"
Paperboy has just hit a burgular
Paperboy calls it quits

Amstrad CPC version

Your first day
Throwing a newspaper
You receive 250 points for throwing a paper into a mailbox
Crashed into a car
Passing the cemetery
A bundle of newspapers
Car approaching an intersection
Paperboy knocks man dead
At the end of the day, you'll compete in an obstacle course, which you have limited time.
Day summary, which tells you how many houses that you delivered papers too. If you haven't delivered any, then you're fired.
The next day
Hall of Fame

Apple II version

Title screen.
Amazing Paperboy Delivers!
Start of the game.
Watch out for the people walking on the sidewalk.
Close call with a car!
Extra stack of papers ahead!
Construction worker.
Crossing the road.
Obstacle course.
Obstacle course - crashed!
Daily report.
You are fired!

Apple IIgs version

Loading screen

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Which Street?
Your customers.
Delivered a paper.
Collect to get more papers.
Avoid that car.
Dodge the child and deliver.
Some small jumps.
Delivery box ahead.
That hearse is blocking the path.
Looks dodgy, watch the dog.
Points for hitting Non-Customers.
The round is too much for me.
Onto the training course at the end.
Hit the targets, watch the water.
Cancelled subscriptions.
Still have customers.

Atari ST version

Title screen
Deliver papers to your customers
Delivering papers...
Try to inflict damage on your non-customers
Watch out for cars...
The obstacle course at the end of each level
Obstacles on your route
Game over

BBC Micro version

Title screen
The paper
Starting out
First customer
Crashing into a road worker
Throwing a paper
Trying not to hit the football
Watch out for the vehicle
Is that a dog or a rat?
Game over

Commodore 16, Plus/4 version

Title Screen.
Let's deliver papers.
Avoid the lawnmower.
Riding on the grass.
Crossing the road.

Commodore 64 version

Front Page of The Daily Sun announces a new paperboy in town
Title Screen
"Good morning, Luigi. Can't wait to get your newspaper delivered first?"
Paperboy is about to be run over by a car
"Yo, dude, you're in my way"
The guy on the motorcycle waits for Paperboy to cross the street
Daily report on how many customers Paperboy served
Isn't that the guy on the motorcycle yesterday? He isn't nice this time
Paperboy tries his luck at the obstacle course
Paperboy completes the obstacle course
Paperboy makes a perfect delivery
Early morning jogger
"Help! I have fallen and I can't get up"
"Good morning, ladies"
"How do you do, sir?"
Another lady trying to distract Paperboy
Better stay away from Grim Reaper, Paperboy
What cute little dogs. Who owns them?
Game Over
Paperboy gets fired from his job
Name entry. Can't quite get my name to fit, unfortunately

DOS version

title screen - EGA
deliver papers to your customers - EGA
watch out for storm drains! - EGA
title screen - CGA
many people get in your way - CGA
avoid the construction worker. - CGA

Game Boy version

your deliveries
changing from the road to the path
someone not using the green cross code
watch out for skaters
game over

Game Boy Color version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Delivering mail

Game Gear version

Heading toward the purple sidewalks
Scoring a 100!
Non-subscriber house
Falling into garden
Riding over garden
That's it! I quit!
Title Screen
high Score table
Showing non-customers
End of course

Genesis version

Title screen
Options screen
Select a difficulty level. Hard levels have more obstacles and need more deliveries.
Throw the papers at the mailbox or at the doorstep to make a successful delivery
Run over by a car
The end of each level has a short obstacle course
With only a limited supply of papers at the start, you need to pick up more while cycling.
Paperboy's fan club at the end of each day.
You get an overview of all deliveries each day
Neglect your duties and get fired!
Highscores screen

J2ME version

Overview of Easy Street on Monday
Cycling on the sidewalk
Hit by a car

Lynx version

Title screen
Road selection
Customer map
Paperboy passes an aspiring paperboy.

NES version

The opening screen
Title screen
Deliver papers to your customers
Customer houses are colored white
Non-customer houses are painted red
Be careful crossing the street!
Each level ends with a training course
The opening screen (Japanese version)
Japanese title screen

SEGA Master System version

Title screen
Splash screen
Choosing a route
Monday route
Watch out for the dog
Run over by a small child
Crashing in the flowers
Game over

ZX Spectrum version

Title screen
The headlines, and choose a game controller
Deliver papers to your customers
Non customers have dark colored houses
Cause destruction of non customer houses for bonus points
The end of level obstacle course
End of level delivery report