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atari mania
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Advertising Blurbs

Back cover:
    The year is 2068 and StreetBall is the only game in town.

    Are you the StreetBall Wizard or an electrified lizard? StreetBall - It's fast. It's dangerous. And it's the most important trophy on earth.

    You control the ball (or try to) as it whizzes, bounces and ricochets crazily around the mazes. Try to pick up treasure while dodging live ammunition, phantom ghost balls and laser armed robots. Watch out for the high voltage wires and the bone crunching force fields.

    Once you finish one grueling maze, you'll slip down the escape hatch to find yourself in a whole new challenging maze - without a second to wipe the sweat from your brow.

    But one slip, one tiny mistake, one millisecond's lapse of concentration and you are what they call history.

    Contributed by ClydeFrog (10528) on Mar 12, 2002.

atari adventure