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atari kombinera
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Street Ball is an Arcade/Puzzle game where your goal is to guide a bouncing ball through a maze collecting treasures and avoiding obstacles. Your ball moves back and forth on wires until you release it, at which point it bounces around the maze until it hits another wire. It has a limited number of "hit points" so you must time your releases to steer the ball over treasures while avoiding laser cannons and evil black "zombie" balls. Once you have obtained the correct numbers and types of treasures, an exit opens which takes you to the next of the 20 mazes.

Contributed by ClydeFrog (10528) on Feb 27, 2002. [revised by : formercontrib (158029)].

You are a little blue sphere and you live on a wire. You exist to gather all of a certain type of treasure within the maze you live in. Sounds easy but there are forces trying to stop you before you gather all your treasures and move on to a higher level. the electrolattice will zap you if you roll across it. The energy cannons will shoot you. The zombie spheres will knock you off course. The death arcs will zap you with beams of electricity. The mines? Don't roll over the mines.

Paragon has twenty levels to roll and bounce your little blue sphere through and if you succeed and make a high score you get into the Hall of Fame.

Contributed by KRONDOR (2283) on Aug 26, 2009.