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Critic Reviews

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WindowsSpazio Games (Feb 14, 2014)
In Paranautical Activity la frenesia dei combattimenti tipici dei FPS classici e alcune meccaniche appartenenti ai titoli roguelike vengono mescolate in un progetto più che interessante. Le mappe generate casualmente ad ogni partita ed un buon livello di sfida, che spinge il giocatore a migliorarsi sempre di più, possono rendere la longevità del titolo potenzialmente illimitata. Fino ad ora, gli sviluppatori hanno fornito costantemente contenuti aggiuntivi durante tutto il corso dello sviluppo e, se questo tipo di supporto verrà mantenuto anche dopo la release ufficiale, al lancio ci troveremo davanti un prodotto di qualità che non potrà fare altro che migliorare con il tempo.
WindowsHardcore Gamer Magazine (Nov 10, 2014)
Paranautical Activity may not be a great game but it is a very playable, very fun one. It takes a bit to get used to, thanks to a drab gunmetal-grey level palette and characters that initially feel underpowered, but everything comes together nicely once you adapt to the play style. Each run is a new experience, and adapting play style on the fly to take advantage of the items found along the way makes the semi-frequent room repetition easily tolerable. Learning to use all the tools the game has available to survive and grow will take a lot of experience with its systems, but the high replayability makes that easy enough to acquire. Paranautical Activity is a good, solid arcade FPS that demands adaptability as much as fast reflexes, and if you can manage both of them then just maybe you’ll get to the mysterious eighth floor. If not, then it’s far too easy to try just one more time.
Nintendo SwitchSwitchJoy (Jun 26, 2018)
It’s abundantly clear that Paranautical Activity attempts to mash together two genres we don’t normally see combined, and its result is a middling one. When all is said and done, the dichotomy between the fast-paced and smooth gunplay and the inconsistent difficulty curve leaves the end product one that is difficult to quantify. Simply put, roguelike fans will find a good challenge in store, but otherwise, Paranautical Activity is a good first-person shooter held back by imbalanced procedural generation.
Nintendo SwitchWay Too Many Games (Jul 07, 2018)
Do you like roguelikes, first-person shooters, Minecraft visuals and rave music? If you like all of those, then Paranautical Activity is a dream come true for you and you should buy it right now. If you like only 3 or less of the above, this game is definitely not for you. Paranautical Activity only caters to a microscopic niche due to its weird design choices. Add in average-at-best controls to the mix and you’ll get a somewhat subpar roguelike experience for the Switch, a console already full of much better choices.
Xbox OneDefunct Games (Apr 29, 2016)
Paranautical Activity has all of the right pieces for a great first-person roguelike, but the execution is all wrong. The graphics are bland, the deaths are cheap and the cool power-ups are few and far between. The brief moments of inspired action are not enough for me to recommend this underwhelming shooter.
Wii UFNintendo (May 13, 2016)
Em suma, Paranautical Activity tenta ser muita coisa e não consegue atingir nenhuma. Existem aqui ideias que bem aproveitadas, poderiam resultar num grande jogo, mas da forma que se apresenta é difícil de considerá-lo sequer como uma versão beta de um jogo. O esqueleto está aqui, falta é todo o aperfeiçoamento necessário para o tornar em algo minimamente interessante, o que o torna impossível de recomendar.
Nintendo SwitchSwitch Era (Jul 02, 2018)
If it was a high quality port of a substandard game I might be a little more inclined to like Paranautical Activity as a simple shooter but it's clear that it is nothing more than shovelware. Considering this is a step down from the Wii U version and the PC original, it's kind of a slap in the face to newcomers and familiar players who want to try it out on Switch.
WindowsCritical Indie Gamer (Jun 25, 2013)
Overall, this looks and feels like a game created during a 48 hour game jam. The visual style, rather than tapping into the voxel zeitgeist, serves primarily to showcase the lack of originality at work throughout the rest of the product. It’s drab, it’s humdrum, it’s an attempt to claim the lowest hanging fruit of multiple different buzzwords by throwing nostalgia and “me too” at them, without any attention to the details or the experience. It’s lazy and sloppy and at $5.99 it isn’t remotely worth the asking price.