Parasol Stars: The Story of Bubble Bobble III Screenshots

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Amiga version

Parasol Stars: The Story of Rainbow Islands II
High score table.
Starting the game.
First stage.
Second stage.

Atari ST version

Title screen
Progress map
First level
Level complete!
Water bubbles can be useful when defeating enemies
Level bonus
Got a high score

Game Boy version

Title Screen
The intro for Musical World
World 1 - Level 1
Pick up an enemy and throw it
Collect some water drops...
... and unleash a flood

NES version

Bubby travels to a distressed planet
The Beginning
Level cleared
The piano is not what it seems
Using the brolley to deal with the enemy
Evil triangles
Collect enough drops with your brolley to create a huge raindrop...
...which you can flood through the entire level
There are heaps of food you can collect to score more points
Action in the forest
Stay away from the monkey
Father and baby turtle
Inside a factory
What strange looking creatures
These two look like jukeboxes with CD's on top. Too bad looks can be deceiving
Action on board Cloud 9
Nice background
The wife of Godzilla

TurboGrafx-16 version

The planets in trouble
The first area
Holding an enemy with your parasol
Falling down
Get the items after you have cleared a round
Here come the killer musical instruments
Juggling four bubbles of water
Round cleared
Carrying a piano
Carrying a thunderbolt to use against the boss
The second area
Killer unicorns
Look, a duck-in-the-plant
Look, vampire crows
If you are invincible, you turn pink
Carrying a fireball to use against the boss
Managed to get 100,000 for killing a boss
The third area
Turtles coming out of their shells
Managed to get a bubble of water...
...and pop it
When enemies turn red, look out
If you spend too much time in a round, thislittle grim reaper dude appears
Continue screen