Pariah Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Cryochamber in intro.
Doctor get the virus.
Fighting some outlanders.
Big gun.
The mysterious woman
Bad guys.
Taking down dropships.
Air vent.
You get to drive some vehicles.
Mysterious saviour
Shooting missiles.
About halfway through the game, wielding the machinegun in some high-tech sewers
By myself before some shooting starts
Yeah, it's easy to just float around there and shoot your computer-generated energy beams at me, just come down here...
High-tech city hubs separated by Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within-ish tunnels
Some cutscene towards the end of the game
Casual day at the office

Xbox version

Title screen
Main menu
Loading screens vaguely depict where you are at the moment.
Intro cinematic
After the crash... searching for survivors.
Found a med-kid of a sort
She doesn't seem to trust me.
Holding your ground against the scavengers
Surprised this one, coming this close and all
Enemy at 11 o'clock
Some enemies have tougher armour to break.
Prepping for some close combat
When woman is driving men are falling down, literally.
Taking out the enemy vehicle coming from the opposite direction.
That could be considered a miss, unless that stone was the target.
Taking out enemy soldiers with a sniper rifle.
Picking up enemy weapons and using them against them is a good strategy at times.