Pasocomic Purple Cat Volume. 3: The Jokyōshi Tokushū Screenshots

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PC-98 version

Title screen
Main menu
A story begins
Oh wow! There are choices! Interactivity!..
Two little female students are studying...
...and having oral sex
Lesbian threesome with a cute female teacher - sure!
Hmm... I didn't get this one
More bunny girls?!
Bunny girl sexual torture
Funny scenes
More choices - almost like in an adventure game
Students are talking
Mysterious meeting
Sexual whipping
A female magician defends herself...
...against some enemies
This enemy has no chance against lesbian seduction
The bizarre princess is looking out...
Stylish sepia
Uh-oh... not her again!
This is pretty scary...
Medieval gothic lesbian scene
Hmm... an outhose?
Oh no! Crazy toilet items...
...who rape a girl? Oh my God... the Japanese are crazy
School discussion
Behold my power!