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Contains over 40 Legendary and 60 Epic rarity Treasure cards and (3) Legendary Edge dice:


Sczarni Thief/B/Legendary
Silent Enforcer/B/Legendary
Mail of Escape/B/Legendary
Favor Of Calistria/B/Epic
Favor Of Desna/B/Epic
Favor Of Erastil/B/Epic
Favor Of Gorum/B/Epic
Favor Of Iomedae/B/Epic
Favor Of Irori/B/Epic
Favor Of Pharasm/B/Epic
Favor Of Sarenrae/B/Epic
Favor Of Shelyn/B/Epic
Favor Of Torag/B/Epic
Healing Poultice/B/Legendary
Holy Symbol/B/Epic
Holy Text/B/Legendary
Portable Ram/B/Legendary
Spell Component Pouch/B/Epic
Veterinarian's Kit/B/Epic
Flare Burst/B/Legendary
Lead Blades/B/Epic
Agile Chain/1/Epic
Challenging Shield/1/Legendary
Djezet Skin/1/Epic
Gale Armor/1/Epic
Shadow Chain/1/Epic
Bounty Of Desna/1/Legendary
Bounty Of Norgorber/1/Legendary
Bounty Of Torag/1/Legendary
Doctrine Of Abadar/1/Epic
Orb Of Fire/1/Epic
Orb Of Shocking/1/Epic
Engineer's Work Gloves/1/Legendary
Brooch Of Shielding/1/Legendary
Flaming Returning Throwing Axe +1/1/Legendary
Proctor Jyronn Imikar/2/Legendary
Hunter's Chain/2/Epic
Invigorating Shield/2/Epic
Doctrine Of Nethys/2/Legendary
Doctrine Of Shelyn/2/Legendary
Favor Of Lamashtu/2/Epic
Favor Of The Gods/2/Epic
Orb Of Magic/2/Epic
Potion Of Deftness/2/Epic
Potion Of Perseverance/2/Epic
Potion Of Secrets/2/Epic
Giantbane Battleaxe +1/2/Epic
Bleachling Lunatic/3/Legendary
Pathfinder Chronicler/3/Epic
Sleepless Detective/3/Legendary
Golden Judge's Breastplate/3/Epic
Gravewatcher Chainmail/3/Epic
Favor Of Abadar/3/Epic
Unity Of Cayden Cailean/3/Legendary
Unity Of Iomedae/3/Legendary
Unity Of Lamashtu/3/Legendary
Unity Of Sarenrae/3/Legendary
Flask Of Force/3/Epic
Flask Of Shock/3/Epic
Abadar's Truthtelling/3/Epic
Catskin Leather/4/Epic
Favor Of Norgorber/4/Epic
Prayer Of Gorum/4/Legendary
Unity Of Milani/4/Legendary
Unity Of Shelyn/4/Epic
Amulet Of Inescapable Location/4/Legendary
Flask Of Fire/4/Epic
Flask Of Frost/4/Epic
Flask Of Magic/4/Legendary
Greater Sage's Journal/4/Epic
Soul Soap/4/Legendary
Mass Agility/4/Epic
Mass Brilliance/4/Epic
Mass Eloquence/4/Epic
Mass Sagacity/4/Epic
Mass Strength/4/Epic
Mass Toughness/4/Epic
Belkzen Warchief/5/Epic
Death Initiate/5/Legendary
Dragon Smiter/5/Legendary
Fire Cleric/5/Epic
Pathfinder Venture-Captain/5/Legendary
Winged Shield Of Storms/5/Legendary
Favor Of Gozreh/5/Epic
Flask Of Force Missile/5/Epic
Flask Of Ice/5/Epic
Flask Of Storm/5/Epic
Gozreh's Trident/5/Epic
Favor Of Nethys/6/Epic
Prayer Of Achaekek/6/Legendary
Prayer Of Norgorber/6/Legendary
Flask Of Firestorm/6/Epic
Leopard Leather/6/Epic
Ring Of Energy Command/6/Epic
Ring Of Superior Protection/6/Epic
Song Of Hawkmoon/6/Epic
Slaying Axe/6/Legendary
Slaying Bow/6/Legendary
Slaying Razor/6/Legendary
Slaying Scythe/6/Legendary
Slaying Sword/6/Legendary


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